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Friday Night 7:00 PM CDT, 5E With Hardcore Death


Edited 1600315609
Looking for One or Two Mature, Reliable, Role Players to Join the Party. 5E Rules with simple but harsh variants. Player Handbook Only (and no Drow) Character Creation: Roll 4d6 keep best three ( must use supplied macro to roll ) Encumbrance Variant: 5 X Strength Score Harsh Realistic Death : Fall to 0 (zero) hit points and immediately Roll a Death Save DC 10 (Flat Check)  Fail and you Die!  Succeed and Roll Another Flat Check DC 10, Succeed at the second check and you regain 1 Hit Point and are back in action, Fail the second check and you are Stable but Unconscious. This rule supersedes (all other rules including Relentless Endurance). Penalty for Resurrection is -2 to Constitution Score (permanent). New Characters come in at 2 levels lower than the Current Party Level. DM has 45 years experience and runs a Paid Quality game for FREE! If interested  Respond Here   or Send Ajax a Private Message , with your Age, any 5E Experience (new players would be welcomed also), and a Simple Character Concept.
This is a fun campaign if you enjoy a challenge!
Game is now full (6 Players)...