I have checked through the forums and have not found a solution for this particular issue. &nbsp;I have one-click installed GroupCheck, config'd for 5E-OGL and added by NewScript the ApplyDamage script at&nbsp; <a href="https://gist.github.com/joesinghaus/9fd52108d07e5ef83ed879a7c6fdc68f" rel="nofollow">https://gist.github.com/joesinghaus/9fd52108d07e5ef83ed879a7c6fdc68f</a> . &nbsp;I then applied Paddywan's macro: !group-check {{ --hideformula --?{Output|Public,public|Whisper,whisper} --?{Ability Save|Strength,Strength Save|Dexterity,Dexterity Save|Constitution,Constitution Save|Intelligence,Intelligence Save|Wisdom,Wisdom Save|Charisma,Charisma Save} --ro ?{Roll Type|Normal,roll1|Advantage,adv|Disadvantage,dis} --subheader vs DC ?{DC} --process --button ApplyDamage !apply-damage ~dmg [[?{Damage}]] ~type ?{Damage on Save|Half,half|None,none} ~DC ?{DC} ~saves RESULTS(,) ~ids IDS(,) }} The result is the expected chat box with the group saves and "Apply Damage" at the bottom. &nbsp;However, the Apply Damage is not a button but a web link that creates a page error. &nbsp; Any ideas what I am doing wrong?