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Confused about CR

So i can't find a specific forum to ask this question so i thought i play safe and ask here... this is my issue - *changing* the CR to fit the situation... the example is... what cr would i use for 4 level 5s and if i cant find one - how do i change a lower/higher CR to fit? - all i know is something about AC/DC and health but i don't know *how much* i should add/subtract etc - cheers Also all the MM really tells me is CR vs their XP
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This sounds like a game rules question, and not really within the purpose of the Roll20 forum. You might try asking on reddit or rpg.stackexchange.

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well it should be - we play dnd here lol but cheers - and if people have this knowledge which at least 90% shoudl - why not just let me know?

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The forum rules are pretty clear: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> See the section titled "Intended Use." This is to try to keep the forum focused.