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Conerting Skill Roll Attribute to Powercards (5e OGL)

I tried to research this and could not find a thread.  I am trying to make a generic powercard available to all players that does the same roll for a skill check as the character sheet attribute does.  I did this in four steps: 1.  I created a new character sheet and named it:  Macros.  2.  I then rolled a skill roll for a character in the game and got:  @{wtype}&{template:simple} {{rname=^{arcana-u}}} {{mod=@{arcana_bonus}}} {{r1=[[@{d20}+-1[intelligence]@{pbd_safe}]]}} {{normal=1}} {{global=@{global_skill_mod}}} @{charname_output}  3.  I then created an attribute in Macros called "Arcana" and loaded the attribute language in it.  4.  I then created a "SkillCheck" powercard macro and added the following (minus the graphics) macro call: [Arcana](~@{selected|character_name}|Arcana) This works fine but I would like to change the attribute language in Macros to Powercards format.  Unfortunately, I don't know what half of the attribute language means.  (Like, I can't find an attribute pbd_safe to save my life.)   Help?
David M.
API Scripter
From  this  thread, looks like pbd_safe is only used if the optional proficiency dice method is used. 
Thanks, David.  Odd that the character sheet would have that built in if it's an optional rule....
Sheet Author
Most likely it is built into the macro so that the macro can use it if that rule is enabled in a setting somewhere, but a sheetworker script determines whether it has a value or not.
Ok, think I have it beat: !power {{   --txcolor|#ffffff   --bgcolor|#000000   --erowtx|#ffffff   --erowbg|#000000   --orowtx|#ffff00   --orowbg|#006400   --name|Nature   --leftsub|@{selected|character_name} Exercises   --Skill|@{selected|character_name} rolls [[ [$Skl] ?{Skill|Standard,1d20cf<1cs>20|Advantage,2d20kh1cf<1cs>20|Disadvantage,2d20kl1cf<1cs>20} + @{selected|nature_bonus} [Bonus] + @{selected|global_skill_mod} ]] 

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Sheet Author
It's actually very odd that @{pbd_safe} is empty by default. 5e standard rules are that there are no crits or crit fumbles on skill checks or saving throws - as such, it should probably default to cs0cf0, rather than empty.