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[LFG] Looking to Start Curse of Stradh Campaign from the start

Paid or not - its fine.... just looking to get into a stradh campaign from the begining so i can also learn to DM it If paid  i can afford up to $20 a week/fortnight my free days are Friday/Weds cheers (any time zone is fine within reason due to insomnia - i am GMT/BST - My experience = i know a lot of 5e and am in quite a few games (homebrews) a week

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just to add - and bump slightly i have the modual - i dont know if you can share them though -

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Hi, my name's Brandon, and I've experience running Curse Of Strahd, having ran it to completion before, and frankly, would love to take what my experience had been and try to make it better. There are some homebrew things that I'd inject, and am open to player option requests as well. I am flexible with WHICH voice chat we use, be it Discord, Roll20, Google Hangouts, etc. but do require Voice; and the Session Zero to iron out who the PCs are and how they got into start position is at no charge. If you don't already have a group together, it may take some time to recruit, but optimally we'd need 3-5 players, and Friday would be the preferred day out of those two. This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $13 per session per person. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.

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i will ask but most of my crew are busy with other games.. so might not be possible (to get a party myself) and its $13 PP? Not bad - thanks for your willingness also my avai;lability time wise would be **from** 230PM MST (about 2030 my time)++ / 10am PST/PDT (about 6pm my time)++ etc - any TZ is fine - as long as its not ridiculous - althoutgh i have insomnia i need sleep at some point ;) But GMT/BST wise = 10am > 0500am (generally speaking) and as a final update i am 39 and have only been playing dnd 5e (homebrew only so i am desperate for a modular) - my Mondays are now free too
Ok, well, I can do a straight listing on the LFG and see what we can come up with group wise. I'm American East Coast; your times don't seem too bad if I'm doing the mental gymnastics as it'd be an earlier game for me. How...late... Are you willing to go, your time? Because starting at 5 pm my time, for instance would put you at...10pm I think, and the sessions would probably go to 1-2 am for you at that point.

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i can easily go to 5am my time (max) and thx if you do a listing link me so i can sign up etc - unless you want to say *we currently have 2 people* etc - or something?
Yeah, I'll get the game lfg set up tonight or tomorrow. I think I also have been talked to by another player already about this so... 2 out of (3-5) is good. If they are on board, we'll make sure when would be best to start and I'll set the deadline, and if we have 3-5 by the deadline, we'll go. I gotta do some work on getting the campaign started again cause I didn't like my intro last time but everything else is ready.