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My PC's rolls are delayed in my chat.


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Hi everyone, My Roll20 has always worked fairly well, until 2 or so weeks ago.  Since then, every time one of my PC's makes a roll, it doesn't show up in my chat until 10-45 seconds later.  As you can imagine, this has been highly frustrating since I'm the DM and I need to keep things moving at a good pace.   I tried all the recommendations from the Roll20 Technical Solution Wiki Page.  I think next week I may try to open the game in an Incognito Tab since someone said that may help, but otherwise I'm stumped.  I have fast internet and haven't changed anything about my system.  And I have not downloaded any new Chrome Extensions.  Also, this is happening in both of the games I run and one of the games is brand new. Thank you in advance, Nexus
This has been a severe issue lately for me and my players as well.
I've been having the same problem. Did a fresh Windows install last night and the issue persisted with just Chrome installed. Firefox has the same problem as well. Tried it on my Ipad with Safari and my chats updated fine (but I hate GM'ing on the Ipad). Currently the only workaround I've found is spamming the chat with gmrolls (so my players' chats don't get filled). For some reason that seems to update my chat window with their rolls.
I've also been having similar issues and it seems to be getting worse each week. Actively considering if it's time to change to a new platform.
Roll20 Team
Hi All, A few questions for folks: 1. Does this seem to "ramp up" as the game goes on? i.e. starts fast but steadily slows down? 2. Could you provide the names of the games where you are seeing this happening? 3. If you create a copy of the game and test there, does it persist? 4. Does this seem to occur if you are alone in the game, or does it only happen when other players are present? Thank you!
1. Usually happens as soon as I start the game, but it can be sporadic. Like it'll happen for the first couple rolls, then be fine for a few rolls, then happen again. 2. Veil of Stars. 3. Yes. I also made a new empty game and it still happens. 4. I can always see my own rolls in chat fine, whether I'm alone in the game or with other players. Seeing the other players' rolls without delay is the issue. I've also tested adding a fresh account to the game, then having both my original account and the fresh one open. When I roll in the new account sometimes it will show up instantly in the main account, but eventually it will have the same delay. Sometimes it's the very first roll, sometimes it's the the tenth, but it inevitably happens.

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1.  It has ramped up during at least one session where it started out ok then got worse very quickly.  Otherwise, it just seems to lag my entire session. 2. The Nightlands and Curse of Strahd.   3. I will have to test it with someone asap.  It's only slow for me when others roll.   4.  Only happens with others' rolls.
I've had this happen a few times as well.  Maybe not quite as long a delay, but certainly 5-30 seconds.  There doesn't seem to be any rhyme of reason as to when it happens my players and I have just assumed it was a normal part of playing on line, occasional lag. 1.  Randomly occurs, one player can roll and have it appear immediately another can take several seconds to appear, long enough for them to actually hit the macro button again thinking it hadn't worked. 2.D&D4thEdition is my main game, but I've also had some delays when sorting out and testing macros in my NWoD.  In the D&D game everything is done as open rolls and it seems like the delay in chat is for everyone. 3 I haven't made a copy of any of the games but I have seen it happen in more than one. 4 i have noticed it happen both when i have players in a game and when I'm on testing macros alone. A couple of other things I will mention, I use Firefox primarily, as do most of my players.  The PC I run the games on uses Windows 10 while the one I do all the sorting out on is still on Windows 7, the problem seems to occur on both PCs.  I have also noticed that the more complex the macro the longer it seems to take which i just assumed was due to the macro, although I could test the same macro moments later and have the answer come straight up.  In the D&D game it seems most common when the players have been rolling initiative (I did have one player lose a good initiative roll when they decided to reroll believeing the first one hadn't worked, fortunately they accepted it as a glitch in the game going online).

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In my tuesday game it happens intermittently (game 5223532). One player declares the outcome of his role and i have to wait a long time to receive it in the chat. Or a player has to wait a long time to see the new position of enemy tokens.&nbsp; Just checked and the firebase shard is "<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>", a low number, so probably one of the overcrowded ones. My guess is that moving to a copy is going to solve that.&nbsp;
i have the same problem but the trigger is when i write something, like if a try to subtract 20 LP from a token for exaple in the moment i try to put the "-" all the page become lagged, and after that the rolls become lagged as well, almost 70 second diference&nbsp;between press a saving trown for exaple and get the result.
I have this problem as well, as a player.&nbsp; Anything the DM or other players do, is delayed 30-60 seconds for me.&nbsp; My actions(move, roll) work fine.&nbsp; Just everyone else delayed.&nbsp; Both of my games.&nbsp; Similarly as above, there is a slight randomness where it works fine momentarily, then back to the lag.&nbsp;&nbsp;
1. So my husband and I both have this issue but our friends don't. The husband is DM and I am just player but I have access to DM stuff b/c the account is in my name. It starts almost immediately for him and ramps up with getting slower and slower through the whole session. Mine starts a little later and then ramps up for me as well. My husband DM's another game but doesn't get this delay. 2. A New Frontier 3. I will test this but no idea. Will respond with results 4. Will test and respond with results
I have this problem, too. I can reproduce in three browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Vivaldi, and also all on Linux Mint, Mac OS, and WIndows 10 :( I created a new game,&nbsp;9210881, with just me in it. I'm logged in as the same user on my Macbook and on my Linux desktop, both next to each other, and I can reproduce intermittently chat and ping lagging; sometimes pings from one client don't even show up on the other. I have Spectrum as my ISP - maybe that's it? I'll try using a different DNS server and report back.
My games are all DnD 5e.&nbsp; If it matters, I use a lot of powercards (with gifs) in my game. 1.&nbsp; It starts fine or with only a small delay and gets progressively worse. 2.&nbsp; Brute Squad, In a Manor of Speaking and Beatouh's Caravan. 3.&nbsp; Never tried that.&nbsp; Will try it next session. 4.&nbsp; Does seem to be worse with multiple players than when solo.
I have tested and yielded same results across the board the lag is still there. I think it's on the server side.

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If a few of the players experience lag rolling dice, and the rest does not, it cannot be a server issue. The source of the lag has to be either in the browser or the network. If the game has been created by someone with a pro-account, you can use API scripts to confirm this. The method i use for this is probrably not the smartest and in fact so elaborate i cannot even explain it. Sorry about that.
Chris E. said: I have this problem as well, as a player.&nbsp; Anything the DM or other players do, is delayed 30-60 seconds for me.&nbsp; My actions(move, roll) work fine.&nbsp; Just everyone else delayed.&nbsp; Both of my games.&nbsp; Similarly as above, there is a slight randomness where it works fine momentarily, then back to the lag.&nbsp;&nbsp; Roll20, any resolution on this?&nbsp; It's been going on for months... Not cool.
My DM has been having this issue for what seems like over a year. If it was a player we could probably just work around it, but the DM having to throw something in chat every 60 seconds to see what is happening is insane.
I'm also having this issue on both Firefox and Chrome. Has anything been found out about how to solve this?
Same issue, and it is getting to be a consistent hamper to playing online. Spamming gm chats works as was mentioned above, but I don't feel like this is something I should have to do every time. Copied the game, same issue. I have no connection issues whatsoever. I've tried everything I can think of. Did anyone get a solution?