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[Interest Check] Contemporary Cyberpunk using SWADE + Interface 3.0

I've been lurking around SWADE (Savage Worlds Adventure Edition) for some time now. What initially peaked my interest in Savage Worlds was the Deadlands: Reloaded setting. For SWADE, it was how much everyone raved about the chase rules (among other things). I had a hard time trying to envision a setting that was interesting and provided room to explore fictionally-compelling stories. I also like Cyberpunk, but am not crazy about the obligatory 80's pop culture snapshot setting framework of most of them. My girlfriend actually had a kernel of an idea whilst completing one of her assignments for graduate school and it got me to thinking about how it would work in a tabletop environment: Imagine a dystopian world where some organized leadership has decided to employ population control in the way of pairing every person when they come of age with an android spouse. An AI-driven entity evaluates the hard data of every person who dies and organizes a lottery for people with desirable human traits to authorize them to procreate and restock human populaces. In this way, the entity of control (read: oligarchy, AI platform or something of that nature) is able to steadily "breed out" certain aspects over time.  The hitch comes that while you can guide physical characteristics, you can't skirt the stifling nature of total control and some people don't like being railroaded! So pockets of human resistance form which split into two schools of thought:  Those who desire complete disassembly of  android influence and those who believe the androids should be repurposed (so remove the control aspect and co-exist with them). Not everyone dislikes their android spouse, but it is akin to an arranged marriage sort of scenario. I like heady concepts and exploring what you would do if love, passion, the institution of marriage and even procreation are all fundamentally altered in an age where technology, social engineering & the idea of identity are all taken to a new level.  There are pretty far-reaching implications for the sort of stories which can be explored and I'm curious what kind of interest there would be in this kind of gaming which is so different from 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons? Comment below with your ideas and criticisms so I can determine if the work required to bring this kind of setting into the VTT space is desirable.

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This sounds like a game more suited for a narrative-heavy system like PBTA, FATE, or Blades in the Dark.  If anything heavy roleplay doesn't really need as much game mechanics.  Or leave dice behind entirely and use Amber or say Microscope (though you have the setting, you can further divide into eras and scenes).  That said I have set up several narrative (heavy roleplay) sessions on roll 20...and there is not a really big demand for it.  Generally the best storytellers are GMs...and they are vastly outnumbered by players.  Hope you have luck with your endeavor though, perhaps the climate has changed and more folks will sign up :)