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Is there a way to cast a spell with DnDBeyond and Beyond20, and then use the roll20 API to automatically update the mana bar of that character's token?

I know it's possible with the roll20 health bar (you just gotta make sure that the empty roll20 character sheet has the exact same name as the DnDBeyond character sheet)... but is it possible with a mana bar? The roll20 API would have to read the level of the incoming spell, then consult a table to get the correct mana cost, and then subtract that mana cost from the token's blue bar. Is this possible with the roll20 API? Edit: for those that don't know, when I say "mana" I'm referring to the optional rule on page 288 of the Dungeon Master's Guide.
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This might be a question better asked on whatever support site Beyond20 uses.