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Little Fears: A Place Called Home


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Still seeking one or two more players for this fun to play game. Play a child between the ages of 6 to 12 who uses "Belief" to make his imagination into a weapon. Little Fears was the first game of it's kind to make kids into PCs. Join the other experienced players on a fun romp through their new cul de sac neighborhood. Meet new friends and battle new enemies. Heavily story intensive and easy to play. Bring the fun of playing with you. Fun for the expirenced and noobs as well. EST 5pm Sundays
IM interested in your game sunday
I would like to join. I'm thinking of a strong, kinda clumsy big hearted older kid, maybe 10 years old.
Gaming expirence?
sorry its farthers-day. gotta take the out man out for dinner next time most defenitly
I've never heard of this game before, but it sounds kind of brilliant. I can't join right away (partly because I don't have the book, partly because RL says so), but if you need someone in the future, give me a yell...
Ya don't need the books. Played plenty of characters in games without em.
im interested in the game if you looking for people i love little fear
Im interested to my scegual is claired
I've yet to play Little Fears but have wanted to for a good while now, especially after having listened to several Actual Plays of the game. I would love to join you if you have room. :)
Well, I guess I can always find the rules somewhere. Sure, if you need someone else (and the five or six other people who've posted aren't enough already), I could give it a try.
This game sounds pretty cool. I'd love to try it out. If you'd like to contact me, I'm DominicCross on Skype
any game this weekend???
I'm new to table top gaming, but have been interested in Little Fears for quite awhile now. Is this still happening? And if so, is it based on original LF or NE?
I've played lots of games, but never LF. I own Happy Birthday Little Fears and Little Fears Nightmare Edition, and Among the Missing and That one adventure module about Halloween Night.