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Event Announcements and Updates

Welcome to Roll20Con ! Well, almost. We have a very full schedule headed your way and some amazing people joining us. This thread will be updated with the exact schedule of events on the Roll20 Twitch as well as streams from publishers and Spotlight creators, all happening to celebrate the community and come together to raise money for Code2040. This year, keep an eye out for publisher game demos (including Burn Bryte demos!), announcements on new games coming to Roll20, feature sneak peeks, con-exclusive merch, and more. Not long now!

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Let's begin! Some of you may have already noticed, but you can now start scheduling your games for Roll20Con, and get those LFG listings up! There's going to be another update very soon so keep a lookout.
And we're live! Head over to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> for the event lineup, see which publishers have demos already listed to join, and more! Is there anything in particular you're hyped for? Feel free to start a thread about it!
To clarify: any game tagged as Roll20Con 2020 will NOT be streamed on the Roll20 Twitch channel! In fact, it won't be streamed or made public at all (unless the group in the game has decided to do so). It's just a great way to show that your table is playing in our virtual convention hall. If you want some help getting your game listed , or joining a game , we made some quick tutorials for you over on YouTube. While you're there, don't forget to watch the Roll20Con trailer for the events lined up on Twitch. Make sure to look at the Gaming University section of <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> soon! There are games listed for Burn Bryte from professional GMs (including lead Burn Bryte designer James Introcaso!), games run by Evil Hat themselves, and so many more.
T-Shirts! Get your t-shirts here ! That's right, the Roll20Con shirt is back and it is LIT. Keep an eye out because we're going to have some more merch coming to help raise funds for Code2040. We've also posted a full list of our panels and games streaming from Roll20 this weekend over on the blog and on Twitter , in case you haven't had a chance to go to the website yet.

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Welcome to DAY 2 of Roll20Con!! So far we have raised $11,978.00 for Code2040 and we are SO super close to our next milestone of 12K in funds raised! Your donations can help us get there and beyond if you wish to donate you can do so here . In addition, be sure to enter our latest giveaway for today right over here . As a reminder, we've also posted a full list of our panels and games streaming from Roll20 this weekend over&nbsp; on the blog &nbsp;and&nbsp; on Twitter , in case you haven't had a chance to go to the&nbsp; website &nbsp;yet. Happy gaming!
Hey all! We're closing out Day 2 of Roll20Con 2020 with $13,768.69 raised for Code2040 ! (Well, I'm closing Day 2 out there, it's midnight for me ;P) You are an amazing community, and we would not be here without you. Be sure to connect with each other, play games , try out some of the demos , check out the events over on Twitch , and the awesome Artist Alley thread .