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Roll20Con Table Chat!

Hey everyone! Are you wanting to gush about your new character? Had a really cool session you want to share and talk about? Come hang out here and chat about the good stuff happening at your table! This thread is intended for positive stories, and our  Code of Conduct  is still in effect here. If you are curious about the use of this sub-forum, you can check out more info at the Roll20Con Guidelines post and If you would like to stay up to date on what is going on during Roll20Con, please check out the Event Announcements & Updates thread .
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Woot! I'm so excited to see what gets posted here.
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Much excite as well!

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Offering open table games again this year, since the first Roll20CON. New game idea in the works for this year. AD&amp;D 2nd Edition enthusiasts; Dark Sun; BFRPG (Basic Fantasy); Lasers &amp; Feelings; Channel A; Gemso: Monster Battle; Sports Brawl (Basebrawl) players; send me a message about getting into one of the sessions or setting something up with me this year October 23-24-25. My plan is maximum gaming, minimal sleep, and try to get as many Roll20 Players into the game table at the same time as anyone has ever seen. Like, call the Guinness Book of World Records . Screenshot from Roll20CON 2017.. 2E Tavern LFG for Roll20CON 2020:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Drespar, are there any hidden-item challenges, easter eggs or memes for GM's to incorporate across all Roll20CON games?
There are no hidden-item challenges, easter eggs, or memes. We will be offering a free adventure this year though, so keep an eye out for that :) Gold said: Drespar, are there any hidden-item challenges, easter eggs or memes for GM's to incorporate across all Roll20CON games?
The Aaron
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Maybe there could be a community effort to come up with some? =D
Mark S.
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We have always had a lot of fun during Roll20Con. We have hosted both 5e D&amp;D and Open Legend games. We have met many great people that have stuck around on our Discord for years.&nbsp; I am looking forward to this year. We will have more games for the Con this year than previously. Several will be to raise money for an Autism charity.&nbsp; I was wondering, will we be getting the awesome "Roll20Con Event" button to add to our games to make it easier for players to find events? If so, when should we expect it to be available? The Aaron said: Maybe there could be a community effort to come up with some? =D What does that entail? I would be down for putting these potions of creativity to work. =P
I remember when there was a Roll20Con checkbox to aid players looking for Roll20Con specific games (the game creator would check the box if it was a game specifically for R20Con). Will that be implemented? I converted a couple of non-D&amp;D "GM-less" RPGs for Roll20 ( Beak, Feather &amp; Bone and English Eerie ) that I plan to schedule during Roll20Con but I'm actually waiting for the timetable to be available so I don't double-book myself for something juicy I'd like to watch. Watch for LFG posts (and I'll probably flag them as PUG).
Mark S.
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A separate post to share one of our Roll20Con experiences.&nbsp; I was anxiously awaiting to run my first Roll20Con event, a western-style post-apocalyptic adventure. Thousands of questions were going through my head. "What kind of players will I get?" "What will I do if the players go completely off the rails?" "Will anyone sign up for this game?" Seats filled quickly in the week before the game. We had so much interest that we created a second game with another GM, filled that and we still had many players that we couldn't seat.&nbsp; The game started and I was a bundle of nerves. That only lasted about 15 minutes though and was completely quelled by constant hysterical laughter. The players had put so much time and effort into their characters that it seemed more like a cast for a movie. We had a brash gunslinger, a retired sheriff that was now a granny (played by a self-proclaimed "real-life granny"), a lone wanderer on a path of self-discovery, and a mutant trying to make a way for himself among the human settlements.&nbsp; Everyone was extremely engaged in the content and seemed to have magical group chemistry even though they had just met for the first time. It was hard to tell who was more entertained, them, or myself. It was so much fun that the game turned into a campaign that lasted for over a year after the Roll20Con ended (and the content is in development for publishing).&nbsp; A lot of new friends were made that weekend and it was one of the best gaming experiences I have had in my 30 years of playing RPGs. My hope is that others might share in that experience and make it a weekend they will talk about for years to come.&nbsp;
Mark S, that is an absolutely fantastic story. &lt;3 The Roll20Con tag will be active again this year. There's also going to be several publishers running demos which is wicked exciting. The "real" landing page will be up in not too long now. It will have the list of events for each day, as well as the demos to sign up for,&nbsp; There is a LOT of stuff going on, on our own Twitch channel as well as some publishers' and Spotlight creator channels. Keep an eye out on the Event Announcements and Updates thread . And even though we have a lot planned, I won't be offended by those that chose to play games themselves instead. ;)
Also looking forward to it.
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Hello I am excited about the event and hope it turns out well. I'm a publisher with Arcanum Syndicate and will be running Demon Gate. Gonna give away some free PDFs as well. I feel I should really get this Twitch streaming thing going on.