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Reroll Still not working properly


Edited 1602184301
While trying to reroll more than a single die roll per equation, using < or > will cause the output text to fail. It's easy enough to test. /r 2d10ro<2 + 3d6ro<1 the output rolls correctly, but the display is  "rolling 2d10ro<2 + 3d6ro" /r 2d10ro<3 + 3d6ro>5 works fine because it is a < & > /r 2d10ro<3 + 3d10ro<6 + 2d6ro>5 is where it gets weird.  Output is " rolling 2d10ro<3 + 3d10ro5" It rolled correctly, but completely split the output and reformed it, removing everything between the 2nd < and the >
Sheet Author
Interesting that it the symbols are messing up the print out of the formula used for the roll.  It does the same thing when you mouse over it as an inline roll also.  At least it is doing the rolls correctly.
It does do the rolls correctly which is fortunate.  I'm trying to utilize it for multiple crit die on a 5e macro.  My DM does not trust my results because he can't see what is generating the rolls.  I explained it to him, so I can use it, but it's frustrating.  Hehe

Edited 1602199637
Sheet Author
That looks like R20 trying to sanitise HTML tags out of the text. There are a couple of workarounds - do the math outside some template fields, with the added bonus of being able to show the total damage: &{template:npcdmg}{{dmg1flag=1}} [[[[2d10ro<2]] + [[3d10ro<6]] + [[2d6ro>5]]]]{{dmg1=Crit rolls... Roll 1: $[[0]] Roll 2: $[[1]] Roll 3: $[[2]] Total: $[[3]]}}{{dmg1type=Slashing}} Or just put the three rolls on different lines of a template: &{template:npcdmg}{{dmg1flag=1}}{{dmg1= [[2d10ro<2]] [[3d10ro<6]] [[2d6ro>5]]}} I'm assuming the official 5e sheet here. There's no particular need to use the npcdmg template, it's just a very clean output.