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Monday Night 7:00 PM CDT 5E With A Few House Rules


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We have room for one more player in a Monday Night 5E Game using the following DMG variants and House Rules: The Encumbrance Variant (carrying capacity equals 5 X your Strength Score) Player Handbook Only and No Drow Elves Stats are Rolled 4d6 drop lowest Short Rest is 4 Hours normal Short Rest Rules Long Rest is 24 Hours must be in a safe secure setting (an Inn, established camp, secure building in a civilized area, etc), Recover all HPs and HDs. Modified Long Rest is 12 Hours Regain Spell Slots and Feats that normally reset, recover half hit points you are down, and recover NO HIT DICE. Game Listing:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Sessions last three hours, if interested Post Here with your Age (prefer a mature player, youngest player is almost 50), and a Brief Character Concept. Please do not ask what the party needs, just what you'd like to play. Thanks for your interest.
What about elves who trance for 4 hours?
Room for 1 or two more players...
Hi Ajax,&nbsp; I would be very interested in playing in a campaign like this. I appreciate your take on playing from a perspective of cunning and strategy as opposed to "here are my numbers, I win or lose". I'm 33 years old and would prefer to a class that falls into the healer/support role. I like the idea of having abilities that can shape the environment/battlefield around me so I would most likely lean towards Druid or Bard. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks!
Hello Ajax - I would be interested if you still have room.&nbsp; &nbsp;My age - 56 - definitely mature.&nbsp; I like the limit to PHB only.&nbsp; I have plenty of experience with both 5e and roll20.&nbsp; Took a break starting in March this year, but my time has freed up now, so looking to get back into it.