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Uploading and using my own audio?

I've made a few attempts to upload MP3s to Roll20 so that I'm not limited to the stock effects from Tabletop audio, Battlebards etc.  I haven't yet been able to get a single file to upload properly.   Is this a feature that requires a Pro account?  If not, is there somewhere I can look for guidance on this?  All the information I can find on the forums just talks about using the audio that's already built into the platform.   Thanks for any help/insight. 
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API Scripter
Free and Plus can both upload files, I think the max file size is 10mb for Plus. How big are the files you're trying to upload? What kind of error are you getting?

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Thanks for the reply.  I'm using a Plus account, although you say that shouldn't be a problem.   After your reply, I started fiddling with it again, and I got it working.  I think I was previously trying to upload audio in the wrong place - in the same way I'd upload pictures.   Anyway - I'm good now.  Thanks for your help.