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Add TORG Eternity to the 'playing' list

Score + 47
Title says it all. It is kind of odd, that items for the game are sold on the marketplace, but it can't be found on 'playing' list when you are making a game.
Sheet Author
Unless something has changed, that is determined by how many people are playing the game.  Once it passes whatever that threshold is, it gets added to the list.
Maybe something changed? I had put in a support ticket and this was the response. "-  This list of available popular games are updated on a quarterly basis and if a game system surges in popularity, it gets added by our team. You can make sure our team sees that the game is in high demand by posting or upvoting posts about adding it on our Suggestions and Ideas Forum."
Sheet Author
They must have changed that policy at some point.  Good to know.
One of the many reason I cancelled my Pro sub. The popular games get more popular and Roll20 offers garbage support for other games. There's a reason that 99% of posts in LFG are 5e, and 99% of the rest are Pathfinder, and it isn't because people aren't interested in other games. If Roll20 would actually do some things to promote and sustain non D&D systems and their clones, you might see something other than people constantly spamming to be paid for DMing the latest D&D module.
There is a huge issue with support for non D&D games for sure. More Torg is better for EVERYONE! :D
This is the reason I am on Roll20 and have a paid membership. I'd love to see it added to the list.
Absolutely. The only reason I pay for Roll20 (Pro!) is to play Torg. I'm completely uninterested in D&D or Pathfinder. I've spent a fair bit of money here and adding Torg Eternity to a drop-down list doesn't seem like too much to ask. Mark M. said: This is the reason I am on Roll20 and have a paid membership. I'd love to see it added to the list.
I use Fantasy Grounds, but am not above upvoting so it shows up on the lists here!
Yes, absolutely, 100%, get 'er done.
Agreed. It'd be nice to be able to find games. 
More support for Torg please.
Yes, please. 
Torg Torg Torg for eternity
Please at Torg: Eternity. It has a well supported character sheet and an avid fan base. Torg: Eternity is my favorite RPG of all time. 
I would love to play Torg Eternity here.  I am already a GM for the system.  I would love to see how they handle the cards.  
Yes i would it
I'm in have decks. want to make tools.
I'm in too!  Let's get Torg Eternity on the list :-)
me too, i would it
Please support Torg Eternity on Roll20!!!
Support TORG ETERNITY!  Roll 20 please hear us! We need TORG: my characters lives depend on it!

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Definitely add Torg Eternity!
Torg Eternity - Let the Possibility Wars Continue - Tally Ho!!!! :) 
I'm running Torg Eternity here for friends; it'd be great to see it in the official game list! Especially given that the community has produced a great character sheet (most recently worked on by GiGs ) and you can get the Drama Deck on the Roll20 Marketplace.
Just Do It!
I'm running one Torg Eternity game and playing in another. Two votes from me!
open bar !!
I am in!
Of course there should be more TORG ! 
Don't let the Gaunt Man win!
I run multiple Torg games every week. How do we get more attention?
Technically, Michael R helps me with my games.