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Problem with Matt's Door Script

Could you help me use the script properly? What I have done: 1 - I include a token with the name of swtich 2 - I include a token from a scrollable table with the name of door, item 0 of this table is the image of the closed door, item 1 is the image of the open door 3 - I include a wall path and transfer it to the token layer 4 - select the 3 tokens above 5 - type the command! DoorsLink So far everything seems to work normally but when I try to run it! OpenDoor the token wall path is transferred to the GM layer normally but the door token does not change to the open door image (index 1 in the scrollable table). Did I make a mistake in some configuration?
ᐰndreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Can you link to where you found this Door API? In the one-click install, there is Door Knocker by Scott C. that can be used for opening/closing doors, as well as locking unlocking them, if that is similar enough to what you intend to use.
The link:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
KS Backer
Hi Thiagor, how do you setup Bar3 on the Switch?
yes, i had done this before. I tested another script with fewer functions than Matts Door and in this script it was necessary to drag 2 open door and closed door tokens onto the map, as I understand, in Matts Door this is not necessary because it uses a scrollable table for that, correct?&nbsp;
KS Backer
That is correct. The table pictures need to be uploaded to your library before use and not imported directly from the marketplace. Perhaps that is the problem?
yes, i uploaded it to my library
I managed to solve the issue of door tokens, my difficulty now is as follows, I created a character for the switch token and have the option of the Open Doors and Close Doors macro buttons, but every time I try to use the commands as a player, the following appears msg: "Players must set their 'AS' drop option to the character performing the commands" I can solve it by changing the AS: from the chat to the name of the Switch but I have to do it manually. So I had two doubts: 1 - Is it possible to change this option using a macro command? 2 - If you don't use a character token for the switch token, will the problem be solved?
KS Backer
I don't understand the problem to be honest. With my understanding of Matt's script, a player cannot open a door without having the name of their current character put in as AS. But it should be the active character, not the switch. The GM can always open any door without it.