Greetings! This week, we pushed code with the following changes: A fix for the issue where the yellow Turn Tracker boxes were blocked by Night Vision while using Updated Dynamic Lighting (UDL) And these changes to licensed products: Burn Bryte Burning Daylight An infinite and anonymized Safety Deck! The Kith'uk handout has been standardized with Roll20 Compendium D&D 5e Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Lights are now on in Kelvin's Cairn Secrets Deak has been removed from the Macros and Tables Handout Icewind Dale map handout for players no longer shows adventure locations. Check it Out Through our Tiltify campaign, we’ve partnered with Code2040 to aid in their mission against racial disparity in the tech industry. We’re matching donations up to $50,000, and we’re in it for the long haul—we’re going to keep the campaign going until we reach that goal.  Learn more here! Introducing  Roll20 Reserve , a new program that’s our way of saying thanks for playing with us.  Missed the September Community Roundtable? Catch up over on  YouTube .  Looking for previous release notes? Read the  full list on the Roll20 Help Center , or check out the  most recent note here .