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Help with links

I've created tokens that link to character sheets that represent items in my game. It works great and all the players can access it from the object level. However, when I try to create a link to a handout by entering the [brackets] it doesn't create the link at all. Has this functionality been replaced with something else? The thread i was reading was closed 4 years ago. Any help appreciated! ps I copy pasted to be sure the handout had the same name "brackets" in this case. 
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Where are you putting the link? Bracket linking to a handout only works within the Description/GM Notes another handout, or the Bio/GM Notes of a character.
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You can create a standard button link to handout by getting the actual url - either through HTML inspection, or by creating a Journal link. For example, if your Journal entry is called General Store, you can create a Journal to Journal link by typing [General Store] and saving it. Then mouse-over the link, and you'll get the actual url - something like <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> You can then use this address in a normal chat button, like [General Store]( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ). Is that what you're trying to do?
Thanks for the help. I've put the brackets in the character bio that represent the token. For instance [sword] I created a handout that is named the same as the word in brackets "sword". It creates the link. All good so far. If you control click the link you can copy the link and paste it in the chat window. This seems to create a clickable text that works but only for the GM. Looking into your methods now.&nbsp;
Strangely what was not working last night is working this morning. ie making the link in the first place.
Oosh. Trying to grasp your idea now. I'm not sure what a journal to journal link is, or how to make one. New to the site.&nbsp;
Keith, that did the trick. I was trying to link to the title of the handout, which seemed intuitive, but once I put the text in the description it resolved the issue.&nbsp;