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[LFG] [FREE] [1e/2e] Player looking for an AD&D game with that "old school" feel.

Curious how many people out there are playing 1e or 2e.  Due to the pandemic I have turned to playing online in order to keep my 2e campaign going, and I imagine that I'm not the only one.  Maybe I'll get lucky and be a good fit for your game.
I'm also looking for an AD&D 2nd Edition game. I posted my ad up a few days ago but have received no genuine replies yet.
There are definitely people and groups out there, just not as many as 5e. ;) As for me, I play BECMI, 1e, and 2e (you can tell I like the TSR editions more). ;P
I'd absolutely love to play an AD&D 2E game. My times are a bit odd, but if such a game happens to turn up, please feel free to reach out to me and see if what you're running meshes with my schedule!
Seems we're all players looking for a DM. They are diamonds in the rough these days.
I am also looking for a DM for AD&D. I usually DM B/X or BECMI stuff but I am starting up a 5e game next week so until that game gets going I am only looking to be a player. Maybe once that game gets on a roll I can DM some AD&D stuff. Just no promises at this time 
  Thanks for the responses, I honestly didn't expect any.  Where are you all located?  How long have you been playing D&D?  I've personally preferred to DM games over being a player, but I've never ran more than one on-going campaign.  If I didn't already spend too much time on my current campaign I would consider running a game, assuming that I find enough people who can handle my style(haha).  Also I'm a "live DM", and find this medium clunky, among other things, what's your take?
I've been playing for 25+ years, so AD&D 2E was where I started out. I'm in Florida. Most of my playtime these last many years has been online due to physical disability, so I've learned to deal with the faults of the format (this and others). It's what I've got, I live with it and have had many enjoyable games through many systems! :)
I have been considering starting a 2E game as a DM, been reading the rules again to get reacquainted with it, Not played it since like 97 or 98.  I been Dming 5E and Savage Worlds, but one of my buddies as been asking about 2E.  You guys have any idea what day or how often you guys might wanna play? 
Right now I can do any day but Tuesday after 8pm EST
I started when i was very little. My uncle was an AD&D 2nd Edition DM, and he sat me at the table for my first time when I was 7 years old. I look at it now with a bit of a smirk, where other girls were playing with easy bake ovens and barbie dolls, I was making character sheets and rolling 10-sided dice. I was so mesmerized when I first saw a dice that wasn't a 6-sided... It was like seeing God to me. It's like: "This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen!" Just eyes lit up when he showed me that hunk of a D100 dice ball. Haha. Over my entire 7th year, he taught me all the rules, and amazingly by the time I was 9, I knew them like 2nd nature. I was very good at AD&D 2nd edition, and I refused to move on to 3rd/3.5 Edition until 2007. AD&D 2nd Edition remains my favorite edition to this day.
Legacy - I meant no offense.  I certainly wasn't suggesting that online gaming is not enjoyable. Verkal - Do you know what kind of game you'd like to run? Pendulym - Your origin story is similar to my own, but sounds like you have years more experience than myself.  My much older cousin stayed with us for a summer when I was around the same age,7.  He played some homebrew/1e with my brother and I, and we both fell in love with the game.  We got friends hooked, and I spent countless hours reading.  I assumed the role of DM, and for years we played.  The group fell apart in high school and i never thought to look to start another.  That is until I switched shops at work, and met 2 guys who had played together (3.5) until their group had fallen apart.  I talked one into trying 2e, and the rest is history.
Sounds really nice. I absolutely love 2nd Edition because it is very challenging and makes you think before you just rush headstrong into any battle. Unlike 5th where you can just wipe everything you see, in 2nd Edition, it's so much more difficult. You have to take it nice and slow, or end up in a situation you can't escape from. It's those challenges and the thrill of RP in 2nd Edition that really excite me. I love playing Paladins, Mages, and Full-Support Priests. :)

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DM for hire here, but I run two 1e games with some homebrewing (but mostly RAW). One game meets every other Sunday, the other every Monday. Both games are in my world of Adeins, and I'm running each group through old late 70's/80's modules, which I've adapted to fit my homebrew world.&nbsp; I need 1 player for each game. The Sunday group just lost a player, is composed of two 40/50 something players, me (almost 50) and my teenager son. The other group is a mixed-age group that originated online only. The former could use a female player. The latter has 1 female, but another would be great.&nbsp; New York Time Zone.&nbsp; Otherwise, I am available for paid games only. Check out my post here for more info.&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I got a Direct Message from an AD&amp;D 2nd Edition DM, and I directed him to this page as well. Mayhaps we can all work something out and form a group?

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Hello friends, I'm also looking to join an old-school AD&amp;D game, although I'd prefer 1E/OSRIC to 2E. Located in Europe and available in the evenings. Edit: If I cannot find a game that fits my expectations, I'll probably DM my own. Shameless old-school megadungeon crawling using 1E/OSRIC rules.
Greetings, looking to join a 2E game as well :-) GMT / UTC+1 be great, all evenings Apart from Fridays are available. I would also be available for an early starting SAT/ SUN group on EST. Kindly let me know if there is a group forming up or a spot opening up in a running campaign.
I'm starting an AD&amp;D 1E Temple of Elemental Evil campaign next Sunday if anyone's interested!&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>