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[Help] Groupcheck—Is there a way to show roll notes next to results?

I'd like to start using Groupcheck in my campaign, but situational modifiers are pretty common in PF2e so seeing the notes for most rolls is important (and in my game, the notes usually have inline rolls themselves). I've tried adding the value for the notes fields after the inline roll when configuring Groupcheck, but only the roll result is shown when using the script. There's also this Special column that isn't mentioned in the script's Help file. I was hoping this might be for values associated with each roll, like notes, but I haven't figured out what it's for. If anyone knows of a way to do this, I'd be grateful for any insight you can offer :)
Not that I am aware of, the special field is for the shaped sheet for 5th edition. You might reach out to jakob whom wrote the script originally.
After messing around a bit, I realized the notes are technically being shown, but many of them have line breaks to make them easier to read, which GC doesn't seem to like, and so it doesn't make them visible. In some cases it show only the notes and not the roll. Anyone know of a way to have notes show in a third column that allows for line breaks instead of directly under the roll?
Tried reaching out to the author a while back, but no response.
As far as I know you would have to change the regex expression in the code to account for that, The scriptomancer the Aaron might be able to help with that.