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[LFP - Free - PF1] Would YOU like to play a Single Player Rogue game?

Would YOU like to play a Single Player Rogue game? Yes? Really?!? Okay, well then you need to first need to fulfill the following criteria: ►Good Microphone and willing to use Discord. ►FLUENT English verbally. ►Willing to pay ZERO dollars per session. ►Play at least once a week, maybe more, depending on how much time we got. Each session will be 2-5 hours depending on the fun we have. ►You will be restricted to ONE class, The rogue (Or unchained rogue, or even a rogue archtype, your call.) Other classes will open us as possible Gestalt type classes later on, with Retroactive leveling!!! ►Willing to play in PF1e game and enjoy feeling OP against dumb guards and dangerous monsters. ► Have at least a few sessions under the belt with little to no need of help when it comes to char creation. If you can't make a char on your own, then your to new to D&D, and you will have to move on. --- A bit about the world you'll be in and what to expect at least for the first 1-3 sessions: ► Urban, crypt (under the city), dungeons. With a bit of forest and or mountainous like enviroments sprinkled in. ► Will at first be living in a rented "loft" and must pay a small sum daily to get by. ► Will start with nothing but a Dagger, A sap and 3 sets of clean basic clothing. ► Food, sleep and cleanliness will be part of the game, but not a major element. ► Magic will initially be rare, but will be more and more common. ► This "campaign" is inspired by the game series "Thief" so if you know them, you'll do fantastic here. ► There is 6 Factions in the city - More will be shared via Discord. ► Your a thief, act like it, steal like one, lie like one, live like one. But your not a muderhobo... ► City is roughly 80% human, but your welcome to play a monster race if you ask. ► Psionics are welcome too, i find them very fun! ► Monk aren't allowed if the moon is purple with yellow polka dots when you join this game! ► HOUSE RULES are in effect. ●Hitting someone with a sap has twice the effect it would normally. Normally, even at high levels, saps are utterly useless. Not any more baby! ●Normally you need to confirm on a nat 20 in PF1e, but not in this game. ●Resting a full day (24h) restores all health, but will leave you stir crazy. ●Simple "sanity" system will be used, homebrew of sorts. ●Playing non-standard races makes your life pretty difficult! (Hard mode!) You will also not have a home, but live in a damp alley, among the fat rats. ●Special "feats" and other special rewards will be given to make your char even more OP as the game goes on. My game is designed to be unfair to begin with, as it's made for OP chars. Good luck! Don't expect a super serious game. I love Kings Quest and Space Quest series too and the humor in them. How to apply: ►Tell me where you are from RL, no need to be super specific, country is enough. For timezone sake. ►Tell me short about your character idea you might throw at me before we even meet. ►What would you possibly aim to accomplish? (Asking so i can possibly setup a story path leading you that way) ► Got any hard limits for a game? Might tell me here and now. Or tell me in Discord. Will share my Discord info if i like what i see. Last time i offered to run a SP game, i had like 13 people submit an application to join my game, so I won't just go with the "first come first serve" method as it can quickly end badly for both of us. A bit about me: I'm a Danish guy from Denmark in my early 30s. I have been a GM on and off since D&D 3.0e's release, so i'd say i'm competent enough to run this.
Still Seeking Candidates.