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{Beginner Game][D&D 5E][Free] Bandits Nest - multiple opportunities 10-23 - 10-25 Specifically intended for beginners

Are you a beginner or new player looking for a D&D game to play in?   I have next weekend free so I am going to run 5 sessions: Fri 10-23 6PM EST - 10 PM.   Sat 10-24 10 AM EST - 2PM Sat 10-24 6PM EST - 10 PM Sun 10-25 10 AM EST - 2 PM Sun 10-25 6 PM  EST - 10 PM If you are interested please post in this discussion and I will contact you.  This is completely free, no strings attached.  This is not an ongoing game, just this weekend only. A flock of kenku bandit's have discovered the ruined remains of a temple site, and have used it as their hideout while they raid unsuspecting travelers on nearby roads. It's up to the PCs to clear their nest, recover stolen goods, and rescue their hostages. Will the players be bested by these dirty birds? Or will they have the bandits eating crow? This is the first of 20 adventures to take a party from 1st level to 20. New players are welcome
Hi Dave - If you've got space on the 23rd I'd be interested. DM me if you want more information from me. -Kevin
Hi there, I am interested in learning how Roll20 and D&D Beyond works. I'm 42 years old and like to try more casual games before trying to find a dedicated group. I would like to apply for a spot on Sunday October 25th at 6pm EST please. You may contact me for details. -Cepter
sounds like fun sine me up sunday 10-25 6 PM  EST - 10 PM
Hello. I'd be very interested in the "Sat 10-24 10 AM EST - 2PM" session, I'm located in the UK so this is the only time of day that works for me. I have a couple of level 1 characters already made that I could use but im open to any suggestions. Thanks in advance. Andrew.
Andrew, I am so sorry but that game is full.  Can you play on Sunday at that time?
 Is there any availability?
Yes i will message you.
Updated to add sessions and 2 sessions full
Hi dave is there any space available on Sunday 10 am-2pm 
Hi dave is there any space available on Sunday 10 am-2pm 
Sorry only open spots are 6AM EST, 2pm EST and 6 PM EST
If you still have space at 2pm est that would be great, for it will be 7pm gmt. I am completely new to and never played is that alright?
I am very sorry, but that just filled up.
Hello Dave, are any slots still available? I should be able to make it to most of those time-frames, but Friday would work best for me.
I can make a 2pm or 6pm EST slot.
Avantus there is just 6am EST and 6PM EST
Sure, 6PM EST it is then.
Current open spots  all times EST Friday 6PM 1 spot Sat 6PM 1 spot (2nd level) Sun 6 am 4 spots
Hello Dave, Is the Friday 6PM spot still available? I am new to Roll20 but not new to D&D(5E). I'm 44yrs old, started playing D&D in the 80's. Feel free to contact me with any questions.
Yes will message you
A spot opened up in the 10 AM Sunday morning game