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Life Cleric - Supreme Healing (casting healing at higher levels!)

I am playing a fun one-shot campaign, and we are playing 20th level characters just for fun.  At 17th level, Life Clerics get "Supreme Healing" and all healing dice are maxed.  Super easy to change the initial base dice roll to just a number.  For instance, Cure Wounds does 1d8+1, and 1d8 at each higher level.  With Disciple of Life, I changed my formula to 1d8+3, and higher levels to 1d8+1 (2+spell level on all heals).  However, when I get to level 17, I changed my formula to 8+1 for the first part, but if I wanted to cast at a higher level it should also be 8+1 but I can't figure out how to put this into the Higher LVL Casting DMG: it has a ____(select d__)+____ format.  I have tried everything.  HELP!   It would be awesome if the character sheet had something built in for this. 
I have solved it.  In the Higher LVL Casting DMG, I have to put a 0 and select something, then just add the amount to the +____. 
If you don't want to deal with the separate box for Higher Level Casting you can disable the internal query by removing everything from that line (no number in the first box, not even 0, None for the die size, and nothing in the bonus spot) and make the damage 8*?{Cast at what level?|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9}+[[2+?{Cast at what level?}]]. It will automatically add your wisdom modifier as long as that box is checked off.
Thanks I will try that!