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module issues...

I purchased this module for my girlfriend so she could learn 5e and run things for us...sadly when she imported it and then cliks an npc...instead of the stats coming up it asks her for the charactermancer/npc/edit option and there are zero stats. Can someone check into this for me to see if its on our end or an actually bugged module? <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
As this is a game addon, the right Charactersheet has probably not been set in the settings page of the campaign. You can set the Charactersheet by - in "my games"&nbsp; click on the name of the campaign (and not launch), - click on the settings button and choose 'game settings'.&nbsp; - scroll down to&nbsp; Character Sheet Template and choose D&amp;D 5e by Roll20. - scroll all the way down and click the "save settings" button.&nbsp; - scroll all the way down and click the "save settings" button.&nbsp;
Yea..our character sheets are fine...its the NPC's that have no stats. It came up as 5e but im beginning to think its based on a different system from the looks of thier main page. Im guessing it tossed my money away sadly :(
Sheet Author
There is a Shadow of the Demon Lord (from an internet search, the system is about 5 years old) character sheet, so it is probably written for that.&nbsp; You can request a refund through the Help Center, so no need to feel you threw money away unless you want to keep it and adapt it for 5E.