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5e Against the Giants, level 11-13, looking for players


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Daniel S.
Sheet Author
Hi there. I'm looking to run through the conversion of 'Against the Giants' for 5e.&nbsp; About Me I've been playing D&amp;D on and off for around 10 years. I'm a 30 year old dude, and I play on roll20 several times a week. I regularly playtest a system of my own on here called 'Forge of Steel', and am trying to compare it to 5e so that I can make it the best I can, knowing 5e is the go to system right now. I've been working on it as long as I've been playing D&amp;D. I'd like to run some higher level play as that's a bit rare to find. Most adventures are level 1-9, usually 1-5 ish. I like to emphasize player choices and decisions in gameplay, give plenty of pauses for players to move the narration along how they see fit rather than pulling them a long with a lot of forced narration on my end, and I try to keep combat moving at a dramatic pace if possible.&nbsp; I'm normally a full time musician who does this as a hobby, but thanks to covid (good 'ol buddy of mine) I'm working on rpg stuff like it's a full time job at least for the time being. Player information Ideally you have some experience with D&amp;D and roll20, enough to make your own level 11 character with a few magic items, and have the availability and willingness to play the module all the way through. There are 3 parts to the module, and I estimate each part runs about 2 short sessions or one pretty long one, for a total of around 3-8 sessions, probably around 6 as a best guess for an experienced party. Given the length of the module and commitment asked, I have virtually no tolerance for game time spent on role-playing, developing your character, talking in character, and otherwise bogging the game down with those details. This adventure is a survival/hack'n'slash primarily and the focus of the game will be on combat, survival, exploration, and teamwork, not your character. Please be prepared to play as a team, not have inner-party conflict for the sake of your character, and not expect to give attention to flavor and minor interactions. If I find the game is taking too much time due to role-playing, I won't continue running, as the added time commitment is not something I want to do, and I'm primarily here to compare game and combat mechanics. Otherwise, my requirements are minimal, I just hope that you can make it every game and be consistent. Starting characters are point buy attributes, and starting magic items is still TBD while I finalize how to balance those. I'm looking for a party of 4, and am okay with some backup players and a rotating roster of players if need be to keep it at 4 players. But it's much easier with 4 players who know they can be consistent weekly. Audio will be in Discord. Scheduling I'm in Central Standard Time (US). My best available time is Monday evening after 2pm. I also could be available Tuesday or Thursday after 2pm (Tuesday preferably after 6pm), and Wednesday I have a small window from 2-5pm, but it would take a lot more weeks to complete. Tuesday evening would be my second time preference. I'm okay running longer marathon sessions, or shorter sessions depending what works for everyone. Ideally each session is at least 3-4 hours. If you can let me know your availability in the forum, we can hopefully start piecing together a group who's schedules line up.&nbsp; It would be awesome if we can start next week. House rules: Advantage can stack, so you can roll multiple times and take the best result Core races and classes only. PHB only. No half-orcs, tieflings, dark elves, or dragonborn.&nbsp; You can see a small example of me GM'ing here, on a homebrew lvl 7 dungeon I was running.&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Hopefully this is a good fit for you! I'm ready for an old-school dungeon crawl.
Hello! I am Always down for a Dungeon Crawl! I and have run three campaigns all in Role 20. As far as my character plans go I would be good with filling in the gaps of the party composition. I am good for any time during the week. my discord! Cow pie#8421