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Wednesday Night 7:00 PM CDT 5E Looking for an Additional Player or Two


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We have just finished our last campaign (which went well over a year) the Players are all starting new Level 1 Characters and Have decided they would like another player or two to round out the party. The only restrictions are Player's Handbook only and Ability Scores are Rolled 4d6 Keep best three. If you join our group you will get a paid quality game for free , DM has over 45 Years experience as a DM. The campaign will be an open sandbox. Three things that define my campaigns: "Reason, Logic, and Common Sense", "A Good Description of Your Action is Better Than a Good Dice Roll", and "Ajax Doesn't Always Play By The Rules" There are Two House Rules that must be mentioned: Hardcore Death and Ability Scores are Rolled (4d6 keep best three). Here is the Game Listing:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> If you are interested in this campaign Post Something Here with Your Age and a Brief Character Concept (using the PHB only). New Players are welcome as well veterans. Game ON! Thanks for your initial interest. -Ajax
Still room for two more players...
Hey! I was wondering if you were still looking for another player. I've been playing for about 3 years now, with mostly DM experience, and I would love to play in another game that isn't my own. I'm 24, and I was thinking of playing a human rogue with the guild artisan background, but I would be willing to play just about any type of character. Let me know if it works out! - Tom
Hi, I was wondering if there's room for another player. I'm 20 years old and have about 2 years of game experience. I have a couple of character ideas that I've been thinking about recently. One is a gnomish druid with the outlander background from a village in an arctic tundra. Another idea I have is for a tiefling fighter (probably eldritch knight but I haven't decided yet) who was raised by giants. Cheers!
I would be interested. I'm 37 and as for character concept, I am very interested in very vanilla concepts at the moment. So stop me if you have heard this one :) Oskar Flintspire is a mountain dwarf and a fighter who is true to his word and stubbornly decisive in his actions. Slow to dismiss those who have wronged him or his clan he holds grudges older than some cities. For Oskar, and true to his kind, he believes the difference between a friend and an acquaintance is about 100 years. Yet he has set out to make a name for his clan as an adventurer and seeks companionship so that together they can forge this path of adventure! As a fighter he is often dismissed as a brute or "just the muscle". Even amongst the Dwarves of his clan he tends to stand tall and is very broad in the shoulders, and for his stature he holds a commanding presence. As a trained soldier he is rough around the edges and certainly takes some getting used to but his value as an adventuring party member is immediately obvious as soon as he or any in his party is challenged in a fight. That would be the sort of character I want to play at the moment. But I could obviously adjust to fit the roles needed in the party composition.&nbsp;
Still Spots Open...
Age 31 Ren Bardock is a sorcerer who has silver Bracelets/cuffs that he learned at a late age suppress his powers as a sorcerer. He has had the cuffs/bracelets since birth and they tightly wrap around his wrists and cannot be remove. He has access to his sorcerer powers but if he could remove the bracelets he would have even more power. why the bracelets were placed on his wrists at birth he does not know and how to take them off his wrists he does not know. But he knows that they were placed on his wrists by druids.