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Friday Night 7:00 PM CDT 5E with Hardcore Death FREE


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First off I run a Paid Quality Game but will not ever charge for my games . That said this campaign uses the Player's Handbook only (and no Drow), the Game will be a Lot of Fun as the group now has played together for a while and I run a FUN Game! We would like to add two more players to bring the party to 6 PCs. Sessions last three hours and we Use Discord for Audio, video is not used. This is a new campaign and has only played one session so far. I have to mention the last campaign with this group ended with a TPK(shite happens)! The Hardcore Death Rule: The instant you drop to 0 (zero) Hit Points you must Roll a Flat Check (1d20) Death Save DC10, if you fail you Die! If you make the first Death Save you Roll another immediately if you Make that one you regain One Hit Point and are back in action, Fail the second and you are Stable but unconscious. This element creates a thrilling addition to combats by introducing a more intelligent approach to tactics, rather than foolhardy recklessness... If you think you are clever and tough enough for this and want to enjoy a three hour session full of surprises, humor, and thrills then Post something here including your AGE and a Brief Character Concept.
This is a good time, I've been in the game for the better part of a year and am still having fun.

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I will like to join, if you still need one more. =) AGE : 36 Brief Character Concept: Paladin or Cleric, support/durable. It will help the party with buff and heal, while in the front lines. Discord: Intervaliant#8204