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Roll20Con Day 3 Giveaway!

Welcome to the 3rd and final day of Roll20Con! We're going to be drawing 2 more winners for today's final giveaway: The&nbsp; Burn Bryte Starter Bundle &nbsp;&amp;&nbsp; Galactic Grimoire bundle ! Feel free to&nbsp; donate to Code2040 over on Tiltify &nbsp;(make sure to check out the rewards!) We're SO close to our second milestone of 15K! Here's how to enter: Reply here with what game you're playing. It's that simple! We'll be choosing* the winners at 6 pm PT every day. *We're going to use&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;so it's not really "choosing."
Elemental Flame
Marketplace Creator
Today I will be having a solo session for a player who got separated from the remainder of the party in the D&amp;D 5th Edition campaign I run on Thursday nights. It is always a fun interesting &nbsp;... time, yes, it is always a time trying not to let a player die when they split off and experience things designed for five other people to be around for!
Today I'll be in the next session of a continuing homebrew 5e campaign Chronicles of Astradia. Where I am playing my Dragonborn Storm Herald Barbarian using the Far Traveler background from the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, which I hear will finally be hitting Roll20 Soon™! Which is super exciting! We will hopefully finish clearing off the first floor of the dungeon we're in and begin exploring the next level down.
I'm playing Taman Brightwood, a human Paladin scarred by demons in his childhood. Taman, accompanied by a rag-tag band of adventurers, has Descended into Avernus for revenge in this awesome, Max-Maxian adventure for 5th edition D&amp;D.
Just started a solo Call of Cthulhu scenario for a friend. &nbsp;Little more than scene setting today, the cultists can start making their presence known next time, then it is all downhill from there.&nbsp;
I did a bit more Prepping and then met with a friend rl to play a bit of simple board games...It's 8pm now here, so I'll probably be catching up on some stream VODs or stuff...dunno. Most of Roll20con Content is in the middle of the night for us poor europeans... ;)
Brian C.
Marketplace Creator
Compendium Curator
Ran a 5e session where a bunch of 20th-level PCs were assaulting an abandoned prison. Two low-level monks were inside standing guard. The PCs devised a plan to quickly and quietly take the two out. They charged in and learned the two monks were bait. Over a dozen more monks stormed in, casting spells and fighting to the death. In the end, the result was never in doubt, but everyone had fun, and they were able to question a monk for details of wait was waiting deeper in the prison.
Im doing a follow up session of Rime of the Frostmaiden. One of our party members declared war on Bryn Shandor and as a DM I am crying.
Playing a 2e Dark Sun campin and DMing a 5e LMoP. Later this week I will start a new table with Burn Bryte! After this evenings session I need to dm at it atleast once!!
Just finished a 5e Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign. It was a lot of fun and my first time as DM.
Thank you all for sharing! And now....our winners are... Sven K. and&nbsp; Langy! &nbsp;You have both won! I'll be PMing you with codes for the&nbsp; Burn Bryte Starter Bundle &nbsp;&amp;&nbsp; Galactic Grimoire bundle ! Thanks so much to everyone for hanging with us over the last three days for Roll20Con 2020! We have you've had a blast gaming and don't forget, you can still&nbsp; donate to Code2040 over on Tiltify &nbsp;(make sure to check out the rewards!) We just hit our next milestone of 15K!