Greetings, i am relativly new to tabletops. I am on my second DnD campaign and I am thirsting for more. I know only DnD but I am open for other systems, if you have the patience to explain them to me. I prefer voice-only but I can do text-only as well. I consider myself easy to work with and I enjoy figuring out ways to deal with problems that don't involve brute force. I love puzzles, riddles and worldbuilding/roleplay more than actual combat. I enjoy mature themes and morality that strays from pure black and white.I have a strong stomach and can deal with most things that get thrown my way. Not an edgelord though, so don't worry. I just like when the fantasy world is as frail, relentless, bizarr and unforgiving as the real one. My work shedule is very chaotic, so a flexible group, or Sundays would be appreciated. My timezone is CET. I hope thats all the informationen needed. If you have any questions or suggestions on ehere to find what i am looking for, feel free to reply or message me. Kind regards, Cheelm