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How to Stream as the DM?

thought this would be best place to ask? as it is specific use question? I hear there is a way *as DM* to stream from a players perspective so my players don't *Snipe* but i have no clue how - do i just make a new account and invite the alt? is is there more to it? cheers
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Yep, pretty much just make a dummy account , and log in via a private window. Even a different browser might be an idea (ie Chrome for GM, FF for streaming... or the other way around). This would probably give you more control over audio streams for voice comms, game sounds etc. which you may or may not want streamed.
Thank you so so much!!!!
I was just considering doing this for me group, and was wondering the same. I get the second "player" account that is invited, but how do you assign a token and control what "view" is recording? M
Add the dummy account as a controller to each of the player tokens this way the dummy account will see all the player's views.
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There is some info in the  Stupid Tricks  tip for  Dummy Accounts .
Great, thank you both. M
I find opera to be a great browser for streaming. Fairly lightweight, doesn't eat up a ton of ram. If you've got enough cpu cores, you could even dedicate one to it.
and just to say thanks myself again - it worked as expected, perfectly... i even got official Dynamic lighting set up with it - and my dummy see everything the others see (collectively) and realised the way to do this was to add the dummy permissions to every character sheet ;)
So what are you streaming and why did you choose to stream your game?
i am streaming CUrse of Strahd - and decided to stream it simply because i am a streamer... I normally stream my games and now i am getting more and more into D&D thought it would be fun