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using caret (exponential operations) in Sheet math?


Edited 1402952107
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Im trying to do this in an auto calc field value="((@{Level}-1)/14)^2.4*330000+6/(@{Level}-1)*250" but it seems using ^ isnt an option it understands. Im working on making it figure out XP to level based on current level. Anyone know a syntax it will take as the same function?
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Here's something I recently did: <input type="hidden" disabled="true" name="attr_FOSIndex" value="(@{Strength}+@{Athletics}*(1-@{Athletics|max}))" /> <input type="hidden" disabled="true" name="attr_FOSIndex-2" value="(@{FOSIndex} * @{FOSIndex})" /> <input type="hidden" disabled="true" name="attr_FOSIndex-3" value="(@{FOSIndex-2} * @{FOSIndex})" /> <input type="hidden" disabled="true" name="attr_FOSIndex-4" value="(@{FOSIndex-2} * @{FOSIndex-2})" /> <input type="hidden" disabled="true" name="attr_FOSIndex-5" value="(@{FOSIndex-3} * @{FOSIndex-2})" /> <input type="hidden" disabled="true" name="attr_FOSIndex-6" value="(@{FOSIndex-3} * @{FOSIndex-3})" /> <input type="hidden" disabled="true" name="attr_FOSIndex-7" value="(@{FOSIndex-4} * @{FOSIndex-3})" /> <input type="hidden" disabled="true" name="attr_FOSIndex-8" value="(@{FOSIndex-4} * @{FOSIndex-4})" /> <input type="hidden" disabled="true" name="attr_FOSIndex-9" value="(@{FOSIndex-5} * @{FOSIndex-4})" /> <div class="right">Lift/Pull/Push: <input type="number" name="attr_FeatOfStrengthLift" style="width: 4em" title="(Strength + Athletics)" value="round((19 * @{FOSIndex-9})/9072-(205 * @{FOSIndex-8})/2016+(3187 * @{FOSIndex-7})/1512-(1171 * @{FOSIndex-6})/48+(74761 * @{FOSIndex-5})/432-(74525 * @{FOSIndex-4})/96+(9916159 * @{FOSIndex-3})/4536-(1856837 * @{FOSIndex-2})/504+(214435 * @{FOSIndex})/63-1200)" disabled="true" /></div> That last input field is performing this calculation: round( ( 19 F^9 / 9072) -( 205 F^8 / 2016) +( 3187 F^7 / 1512) -( 1171 F^6 / 48) +( 74761 F^5 / 432) -( 74525 F^4 / 96) +(9916159 F^3 / 4536) -(1856837 F^2 / 504) +( 214435 F / 63) - 1200 ) Specifically, it's the lift/pull/push weight in pounds for Exalted, as a polynomial interpolation of the table in the book. Normally, you'd simply look up the value in the book, but for the character sheet, I've got to actually calculate the sucker. (You should have seen the equation when I was going up for F^19 to cover the entire table; fortunately, as the Exalted character sheet stands, it's not possible to reach STR+ATH of 20, so that's not needed.)