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Friday Night 7:00 PM CDT 5E Looking for an Additional Player or Two


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This game plays on Friday Nights at 7:00 PM CDT (soon to be CST) sessions last three hours. If you join our group you will get a paid quality game for free, DM has over 45 Years experience as a DM. The campaign will be an open sandbox. Three things that define my campaigns: "Reason, Logic, and Common Sense", "A Good Description of Your Action is Better Than a Good Dice Roll", and "Ajax Doesn't Always Play By The Rules" There are Two House Rules that must be mentioned: Hardcore Death and Ability Scores are Rolled (4d6 keep best three). If you are interested in this campaign Post Something Here with Your Age and a Brief Character Concept (using the PHB only). New Players are welcome as well as veterans. Game ON! Thanks for your initial interest. -Ajax

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You pick my interest. =) Age: 36 Brief Character Concept: Name  : Nemus Intervaliant Race: Variant Human Class:  Paladin or Cleric   -Bless by a goddess, trying to find his way from the chaos to order. (I have a PDF with backstory) Discord: Intervaliant#8204 edit: just wanted to add that I was thinking on a Support/Durable Focus.

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Hi Ajax: I'd be interested in joining. Just wondering is this a game that has already been ongoing and we are jumping into the middle or is this a brand new game you're looking to start up? If it's an ongoing game, what level would we be joining at? Also 11/06 I won't be around, traveling for my anniversary so I figured I'd mention it instead of wasting your time if that's an issue.  Brief Character Description: Half Elf (Bard or Warlock) - Hugrain "the bastard" Vilth'avin    - Hugrain was the son of someone important who would not claim him. Despite this he grew up well taken care of by his mother and large family, but with a dark and angry disposition anyways likely stemming from how much he stuck out from his brother and sisters. He has a dislike for most elves, and really anyone who considers themselves "high born". Intimidates when he can rather than persuading and is known for being more frontal in his assaults than others of a similar skill set. 
Hello there, new to roll20, and D&D..looking to play a bit more..I’ve ran Lost Mines of Phandelver locally last year but the DM moved afterwards so no follow up campaign. Age:  34 Character Concept: Variant Human Dex based fighter, possibly rogue..I recently spent a few hundred dollars on a pirate outfit for Halloween this year so was hoping to get some use out of it a bit more before it ends up in maybe a swashbuckler build or possibly crossbows with possible GM allowance of being a pistol type retcon?
Hi Ajax, I think this is the game you referred to in your DM, so I figured I'd toss in here too. I'm 34, work from home, teach jiujitsu when the world isn't plagued. The character I wanna play is a neutral forest gnome druid. Rather than the typical protect nature trope, however, I wanted his access to druidic abilities to be related to his career/lifestyle. He's a hillbilly/bayou type yoke who moonshines in his homeland. His family lived on his swampy mountain for thousands of years, and he comes from a long line of little crotchety gnomes that harvest mushrooms, catch toads, pull roots etc all so that he can cook it up into booze. He then sells the booze to fae folk, and since neither he nor they have much need for money, often he will accept 'secrets' as payment. Secrets like how to turn into a giant toad, how to make a thunderstorm, how to summon a vine... Instead of growing the ways of nature because he has a particular affinity for it, the drunken parting faeries, satyrs, etc have over time given up secrets so that they could get access to his party juice. He recently set off adventuring because over the thousands of years his family has lived on their little patch of mountain/forest/swamp, there's not really been any need to prove ownership. But recently a kingdom has given some of his family land to its nobles. He owns pans that are older than this kingdom! The quest is on to find some written history of his family's stake to claim on the land.