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Is there a way to use the nameplate rather than the name on the charactersheet to display in the chat window?


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Hey gang, looking for a bit of help.   I'm running a game where my players haven't yet identified the specific type of creature they are facing.  I'd like to maintain that mystery as long as I can...unfortunately, anything I roll off of the character sheet has the name of the creature identified...which I'm sure will result in some serruptitious compendium or google searching to identify powers, weaknesses, etc.   Because this creature has the ability to shapeshift, I've created a custom token, which I've linked to the NPC sheet.  I've configured that token with a custom nameplate.   Is there anyway to set things up so that the chat window will show the nameplate instead of the name from the character sheet when I do stuff like roll an attack?  Otherwise I'll have to do everything with /gmroll until they figure things out.  I'd rather avoid that.  Thanks in advance for any advice. 
Sheet Author
Why don't you want to change the name on the character sheet? You can always change it back.
[I'm using the D&D 5e By Roll20 Sheet] On the character sheet, change the NPC name to: @{selected|token_name} When you make any rolls it'll use the token name in the rolls.  If you need to update the name just change the token name.  Also good for 'mooks' or if you have several enemies that are numbered. 
Fantastic - that's exactly what I want.  Thanks very much. 
There's also the option to not have the name appear in the macros. When you have the stat block open for editing there is an option that asks if you want the name to show in the rolls. Disable that and you have no issues.