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Curse of Strahd Episode 1 - Youtube


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I am late on the Happy Halloween - sorry about that... But - me and some friends are playing Curse of Strahd - and this is the first episode of *one* of the strahd campaigns i run :) **To clear things up i am NOT selling anything - no idea why the person below thinks i am - but this is an upload of my Friday campaign i run for Curse of Strahd** Please forgive the DM nubbiness (mine) - i only ever have ran homebrew before <a href=";t=1358s" rel="nofollow">;t=1358s</a> We hope you enjoy! (those who know the module - i tweaked things deliberately - so if you have any criticism i would appreciate it, but please... understand, I am brand new to this whole *module* thing - thanks And as a P.s this was done on roll20 as you can clearly see
it says streams and creative content - i streamed it and uploaded to youtube - if you need to question this, get a mod ;)
For anyone else who is confused please read the tagline of this forum - thank you Share Roll20 Specific Live Streaming, Video, or Podcast Content.

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well that's what the **official** title of the forum says my dude ;) - also called in a mod to settle this argument once and for all
you can do so - and if you keep spamming my post i will keep reporting you until they get deleted so knock YOURSELF out with that ;) - i am so sorry i am an **oficial poster**