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Textures, Tokens and Artwork

Hi everyone. Hope you're having a good day. So anyways, been working away on making quite a few textures lately (well, past two days really, but that's how it works for me, I do this stuff in spurts) and thought I'd share. You can find it here. Free Textures and a few Objects Nathaniel Jesse also has some stuff posted there, though that's part of a project under construction, so it's a bit sparse at the moment. Below are a few examples of the new stuff, hope it's not too spammy :) PS: If you feel inclined towards doing artworks, textures or whatever for free please do drop me a line, me and Nathaniel would love more company.
Alright, asphalt and some basic roads (with cobbles at the sides, for sidewalks) have been added. Will do a bit more work on that later on, tomorrow I think, and then get onto doing some interstate stuff or perhaps turnabouts, ramps or whatever. Might also jump onto something else, depending on what people are interested in :)
Just some helpful advice. Get better at making textures before you post them in public forums. Either that or take a bit more time to make them.
I prefer to get better by practice and feedback, and if you don't like them don't use them ;)
Andreas S. said: Just some helpful advice. Get better at making textures before you post them in public forums. Either that or take a bit more time to make them. Wow. The most unproductive and useless words I've seen on these forums.  The exact opposite of helpful. 
Konrad J.
API Scripter
Ya not very helpful, the guy is offering his time up to help others!
Friends, this is the internet, there will always be someone who is neither happy nor helpful around. The important part is that the same can be said about happy and helpful people ;-)
Roger.  Still need to call folks out.  By the way, the only reason I saw the later posts is because I followed it, because I wanted to keep tabs on up and coming map artists on roll20.  So keep em coming.  
Also true I guess. And I plan to. Actually sort of fun to use my script-fu for something like this, instead of work.
Forum Champion
Please keep it civil. Especially to the artists. Artists help Roll20  I will be watching. <insert ominous laughter here> :D - Gauss
Was there an issue with my first post Gauss? 
Forum Champion
No, I was giving a polite warning not to let things degenerate. Our boards are awesome and I rarely ever have to deal with interpersonal problems but I didn't want this one getting that far.  The second half of my post was an attempt at humor. Probably didn't translate well. :) - Gauss
I don't know about anyone else, but personally I found it smirk-worthy. And don't worry, we're all sort-of adult(ish) here :)
Alright, so, plans changed a bit (as always) and I ended up doing "elevated" stone rings for holes, wells etc with several levels of shading (going to use it for an upcoming campaign) instead of more roads, streets and so on. Below is an example. What do you lot think, good or bad? And if the later, what's wrong with it and are any of the others (found here ) any better?
I think it looks quite good.  Great texture and very 3D looking, though I don't think it gives quite enough impression of height for a well.  That might depend on what surface you lay it over, though.
Yeah, I had trouble with that bit, which I tried to solve using shadows. Currently considering adding a "very deep shadow" version as well, where the shadow stretches out about three times as far, but so far I haven't managed to make one that long that I'm happy with. EDIT: I threw in the "best" tall ones I've managed so far. Tell me what you think of those.
for what its worth if you go to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> there are some great base textures to start with, and there are some helpful photoshop tutorials. one piece of advice if your going to make "realistic" textures don't forget to add a dirt layer to them.
I'm using GIMP, blender and a few other tools, and do most of my stuff using scripts (takes longer, but I am trying to refine my understanding of that type of coding). I shall definitely look into dirt layers though, sounds useful. In the meantime, made some rubber mats and improved the glass table I made a bit (just a tiny bit). More modern items upcoming if I get my way! (right after I manage to get better at streets/roads)
Konrad J.
API Scripter
Looks like you are getting better with each token you work on! &nbsp;Keep going at it.
That's quite literal actually. I watch about five tutorials per day right now, then at the end I try to make something new with the things I learned. And thank you :)
Nice textures, Asaram :)
Thanks Soren. And you posting reminds me, did you ever get onto that "blueprint" project you had in mind?
Dylan G.
Marketplace Creator
Sheet Author
About the well token, I think the problem is the shadows. They show a three-dimensionality, but don't properly show the difference between the deep inside of the well and the (presumably) short wall of the outside. Perhaps if you could make the inside shadow larger? I know it's a huge pain to jury-rig multiple shadows, but it's worth a try. Beyond that, what about actually adding the inside wall of the well to the token?&nbsp;
I was thinking the same thing. Maybe add a "perspective" inside, redo the shadows (not as complicated as you might think actually, since I do it with scripts I could dump part of it on blender) and also do a "filled" version with both inside and translucent water. Will probably be a few days off though, bit of a hectic life atm and the list of things to do is growing constantly :)
I definitely dig the blood splatter. And I'm looking forward to the hole/well update. Keep up the good work. If I had more time, I might actually enjoy doing this type of stuff myself.
Ok, so real life caught up with me big time, so for the past few days I've had little time to work on textures and objects. Today though I caught up a bit by watching two different videos on dirt layers, something I applied to some tile textures (because I got a mail with a request for more variations). So, without further ado, here's an example of what I made. As always, all of my stuff is available here Textures, Tokens and Art
And there we go. Updated the old floortiles with a dirtlayer, also added two shades of brown. Here's one of the new ones. EDIT: Also, I just noticed, seems I've finally surpassed the 100 files line. Yay!
And on that note, here are some pyramids (they're available in a few different variations in the usual place)
Thank you Asaram for sharing these resources.
Ok, added a few minor items, all kitchen oriented, all very simple. This was in direct response to David C's earlier request to make assorted, minor, modern items.
Ok, request to the public. Tell me what sort of items or textures you'd like to see. And please be detailed. Don't say "modern items", say TV, printer or red rug. Thank you for your time and effort :)
Ok, so "real life" hit me pretty hard recently with paid work, projects and all that stuff, so I haven't had much time to spend on the artwork as I had hoped. Now I have a bit more time again though and was wondering two things. One: Does anyone actually use these resources? Two: What sort of artwork, if any, would people like to see more of?
Dungeon/village/castle clutter is always needed, since fantasy rpgs like DnD and Pathfinder seem to be the most popular. &nbsp;Furniture, shelving, chairs, etc.&nbsp; I also do see a lot of good sci-fi assets out there. &nbsp;Control panels, medical lab stuff, etc.&nbsp;
Is it? I've never had any trouble finding clutter for villages castles, but modern items always seem scarce :/ But yeah, ok, what sort of item would you suggest? And the furniture stuff I _know_ is very well covered, just from a quick search. :)
Dundjinni's forums have a ton of useful elements and so forth, as well as a supportive community of artists. You might want to post there for feedback on your work, too.