Game Night :Wednesdays Time :  7pm EST   Aiming to have Session 1 on November 11th Would like to have a Session Zero Monday November 9th 7pm EST     Tools : Roll20, Discord for Voice (A good mic and connection please)   Duration : Sessions last 3 hours (+/-), I will try and end session at a good point.   Party Size : 5 players (but can begin with 4)   About the Campaign / Rules Game System: D&D 5E Invited players will attend a session Zero, (Duration: approximately 3 hours) which will cover: Create the characters (adding of tokens /images if time allows, otherwise this will be taken offline and completed prior to Session 1). Introduction to the campaign Reviewing of house rules. Conduct Respect your fellow players and the DM, the spotlight is meant to be shared equally. The aim of the game is to have fun, abusive or discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated. PVP will not be allowed. 18+ group. As there may be adult themed play or language in the game, I would like to restrict the age of players to over 18.   Character Creation Once a player is accepted into the campaign, you will get an invite to the Roll20 game and a blank character will be assigned to you. Players are to use Roll20's Charactermancer to create the character. If you are not familiar with Charactermancer let me know and I can provide assistance during the session zero and later on if required. Characters will start at 1st level. We will be using class equipment not starting wealth. PHB +1 book applies, from the following compendiums only: Players Handbook Xanathar's Guide to Everything Volo's Guide to Monsters Ability Scores: 27 point build After level 1, players will use the average hit points for additional levels gained instead of rolling.   Request an Invite to Play If you are interested in playing, simply send me a private message with the following information: Your name (what would like to be called out of character): Age: What time zone you are in (note we will be using EST as standing game time) What Race and Class you would like to play? What is the +1 book you want to reference (Volo's or Xanathar's; if either) A brief backstory on the character. The key here is brief. If it is more than a paragraph I will lose interest and move on. What is your default Game style? Hack-N-Slasher (look at D&D as a tactical game) Problem solver (look at D&D as a strategy game) Thespian (look at D&D as a story telling game) What is your proficiency with Roll20? Using charactermancer, navigating around the character sheet, movement of tokens etc…   I will arrange a call on discord to learn a bit more about you and to answer any initial questions you have about the campaign. If we mutually agree to move forward, I will send you an invite to the Roll20 campaign and the discord server..