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I should not have updated to Updated Dynamic lighting - Curse of Strahd

I saw the warning message that legacy lighting will be removed in the near future and updated to updated dynamic lighting.  I should not have done that :( So many problems, where to begin.  Explorer mode with advanced fog of war and with global illumination doesn't seem to work like it did before.  On maps, like the map of Barovia, or Village of Vallaki, I had it all hidden with a fog and would unveil places they have visited or walked, and when I did, that section would be clearly and brightly shown.  With the update dynamic lighting, revealing at first did nothing.  Switching the darkness mode to explorer mode, it was now revealing that section to all, but the light is so dark, people can barely see the revealed section, even for me as the GM I see this.  No matter the setting swtiches or fog type, could not remedy this.  Solution: change the map back to legacy dynamic lighting and have to reset the fog and unveil the locations I wanted them to see. On maps with inside locations, like the burgmasters mansion, a map characters were already in, the updated dynamic lighting no matter what the setting, would not show unveiled fog locations that were out of their sight with a fog hiding what might have changed in that location.  The characters coul donly see what their vision allowed them to.  Removing a door allowed characters to see into a room, but they could not move into the room, like it was still blocked.  Not until I(GM) brough one character into the room and back out again, then characters could freely move into these sections.  Yes, we tried moving tokens outside the area(drop token so it could refresh, etc), but that did not work until I did the above. And performance issues.  Wow.  Players with medicore laptops and such could run this campaign in the legacy way fine.  Roll2 was always slow, and full of API bugs before hand, but now, rolls are taking forever to return, loading pages is taking a few min for some and moving characters from floor 1 to 2 in the same map, *somehow* allows them to see the entire map!  They have to refresh the browser to attempt a reset, and many times that just hangs for them.  I as a GM would not know they can see everything, unless they speak up and tell me.  There goes the surprises I had in store for them. Overall, I am forced to go to every map and redo lighting back to legacy just to make this campaign playable again.  I really wanted roll20 to be my VTT of choice, but I am fearing I made the wrong decision in picking and should have went with something else :(
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Sorry you are going through these issues. Some folks prefer UDL, but most users would have cautioned you about making the conversion. UDL is still very buggy. I continue to use LDL personally. The only solution I can offer is on your Barovia map. It sounds like you were using regular fog of war only on that page. You should still be able to do that. Just turn ALL dynamic lighting of and only use regular fog of war. This will give you manual masking and revealing as you described.