We have a Friday Night Game that can accept two more players, the game uses two House Rules which make the game much more challenging (Harsh Death and Ability Scores are Rolled 4d6 Keep Best Three) plus we use only the Player's Handbook and no Drow Elves. DM has 45 years experience and offers a PAID quality Game for Free. New Players are welcome as well as veterans. We stress Role Playing over Dice Rolling so an imagination is a must. Rules Lawyers, Power Gaming Number Crunchers need not apply. DM's philosophy: "A Good Description of Your Action is Better than a Good Dice Roll", "Logic, Reason, Common Sense", "Fun Trumps Story, Story Trumps Rules, and Ajax Doesn't Always Play By the Rules". If you are seriously interested in this campaign send Ajax a Private Message with YOUR AGE and a SIMPLE CHARACTER CONCEPT (Dwarf Rogue, Elf Fighter, Gnome Paladin, etc). Those who apply watch for a response within 24 hours. -Ajax