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Night vision?

The night vision in my game its shared between all of my tokens how can i fix it?
David M.
API Scripter
I'm going to assume you are using UDL and checking it with Ctrl+L. This is a very common forum question. Ctrl+L is bugged in UDL, showing shared vision as you described. The best way to test it currently is to create a dummy account and log in as a character.
I've also found that giving edit/control permissions on a character to the DM (yourself), then using 're-join as player' from the settings menu gives the same testing results without needing a dummy account. It's a bit fiddly but probably one or two steps easier. If you're testing a map you haven't dragged your players onto yet, you'll need to make sure to drag yourself onto it before you join as a player to test.
Its not only me as a DM, my players have the same issue, not just with ctrl L, in general, they see each others dark visions
Anyone can help me please
It'll help if you post screenshots and give more information about your game setup, such as whether you're using Updated Dynamic Lighting or Legacy Dynamic Lighting, what settings you have on tokens, etc. If you are using Updated Dynamic Lighting, the likely answer is that it is a bug.  That lighting system is basically a live beta test. Otherwise, it sounds like you may have incorrectly set your tokens so that all players are able to control each other's tokens, which would give them shared vision.
Yes i was using updated dynamic lighting, and i just create new tokens to test it, raw without anything except vision and night vision
It'll help if you post screenshots of your token and game settings.  It's pretty impossible to know if it's a setting issue or game bug without seeing what your game looks like.
That looks correct at a quick glance - last question, what does the character sheet for Kiara show for controlling players?
I'd suggest removing all the tokens from a page except Kiara, and if your other players are able to see from that token then it's definitely a bug and you should report it. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> There is a thread with 13 pages devoted to UDL issues:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Its the first thing i do when that happens, and i already report it