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Cannot make l, work for moving something to dynamic lighting layer.

Per title.  I have advanced keybinds set.  I can use l+ m, o, k and other advanced binds.  But the l, combo to move to dynamic layer doesn't work.  At all.  It just swaps to the layer without moving the selected item.  Help?

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You need to press them at the same time, which can be tricky to do. If you press the comma a fraction of a second before you press the L, it switches to the Dynamic Lighting (DL) Layer without moving your selection. I usually press and hold the L key, then press the comma.
Yes.  I always hold L first, then hit [,].  I never try to hit [,] first, nor do I hit both at the same time.  It's fairly exaggerated, as I will purposely hold L for a half second or so, up to several seconds, just to make sure it's registered.
Christopher said: ...nor do I hit both at the same time. Just to be clear: you ultimately do want to be pressing both keys at the same time - that is what activates the move. Just press (and hold!) L first, then press comma, then release both keys. If you are doing this, and I misunderstood your words above, my apologies; please continue below. What browser are you using? Chrome and Firefox are the only supported browsers. Does this happen in both browsers? Are you able to use any of the other multi-key advanced keyboard shortcuts? There may be a browser extension or plugin that is interfering. Launch Roll20 in an Incognito/Private Browsing browser session to test this.

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Yes.  I press [L] wait .25-1 second, then press [,]  I mean that I insure the keyboard is sending both the [,] and [l] keys simultaneously even though the act of pressing happens in sequence. Chrome.  And I don't have FireFox installed. I am able to use all other keybinds. It does not behave differently in incog mode.
Well I am stumped. I would install Firefox and try it there just as a point of troubleshooting to see if the problem is in your computer or in Chrome. At this point, I would submit a Help Center request (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>), including a link to this thread for background on what you have tried.
Brian C.
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Whenever I move DL lines to the DL layer, I press the keys (l,) consecutively and not &nbsp;at the same time.
Thanks, will do. I appreciate the help.