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Make ping from DM viewable by players regardless of layer that DM is on.

Score + 19

Edited 1606117522
So many times while running the game as a DM, I am on either the DM layer, Map layer, or Lighting layer... you know... doing DM type things. But I am still speaking with my group and sometimes need to ping the map to indicate something on the map, but if I am on a different layer my players cannot see it. This makes no sense why a ping should not just be shown to the players regardless of what layer I am on. EDIT to add either an option to enable/disable this feature or perhaps a ALT+Ping to show on all layers.
I personally would prefer the ability (by pressing say TAB while piniging) to have the ping override the layers. Often enough I work on a different layer, and do not want to let my players see my accidental pings which do happen more often than I would like to admit.  I like the idea, and adding it as a simple option by pressing just one key on the keyboard would be great.

Edited 1605885620
agree!! i know that problem too....could be very helpful..."shift" could also be a good key to push in the same moment while pinging, falk ;-)
josie7shells said: "shift" could also be a good key to push in the same moment while pinging, falk ;-) SHIFT + ping is already a hot key to force focus on all users, maybe CTRL or ALT
Great idea, I do this all the time as well.
+1 ... this drives me nuts, and I am struggling to think of a situation in which an unseen ping has any value at all.
Fantastic idea!  +1
+1 for the ctrl or alt + ping
I would like this to be a toggle, or a specific command the GM has to do to ping from a layer other than the Object & Token Layer. Two examples to illustrate why: Case 1: I am on the GM Info Layer, moving hidden bad guys around in preparation for an ambush, and I accidentally hold my mouse click a little too long a do a ping. I WOULD NOT want this ping to be visible to the players. I know I have made pings while working on other layers and been thankful that players do not see them. Case 2: One of those bad guys skulking around fails a stealth check or makes some noise. I remain on the GM Info Layer, prepared to send the bad guy tokens to the Object & Token Layer, but now I WOULD want to send a ping to the players to indicate where they heard the noise coming from, without having to switch back to the Object & Token Layer and then switch back to the GM Info Layer.
How about just disabling the Ping that will not show?  There is zero purpose for having a ping that the players do not see.  So just disable it.
I hear what others said for the accidental pings so I added a edit to suggest some sort of toggle. For me, I might accidentally ping while doing something maybe 1 time for 20 times that I am TRYING to ping for the players and they do not see it because I am on the lighting layer or GM layer. Also, unless I am specifically saying "Right here you see blah blah" I think most players don't pay much attention, or if they ask I would just say "ah that was just me being bored sorry :P"
Agree with the idea of CTRL or ALT being used to being to players regardless of the layer would be great. Don't want it on by default so my players can't figure out my secrets :P  Would +1 but used all my votes xD