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How to re-add maps from an addon module?

I'm running the excellent Curse of Strahd addon and in my most recent session my players had absolutely massive loading issues, in a fit of panic I deleted every map past Vallaki so as to hopefully help them load faster. I now need to begin re-inserting the later maps but the only place I can find them is the Journal, which only gives access to them in handout form. How do I access the actual tangible map assets to place them back on the map layer? Thanks

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There are a number of ways you can restore the image: 1: Using the transmogrifier, create another game based on the module. Delete the missing 'page' from the original and transmogrify the page back from the new instance of the module. 2: Create a new game based on the module, find the map and select it, press Z then right click/save image. Upload it back to your current game (con: will count against your upload limit) 3: Create a new game based on the module, find the map and select it, add it to a journal as the default token. Use the character vault to move that journal to your current game and drag the 'token' to the map layer and resize if needed (pro: won't count against your upload limit) Hope that helps!
Note that the Transmogrifier is a Pro-level subscription feature. The other two options Ziechael offers will work for any subscription level.
Thanks both, Transmog resolved the issue easily although I find it somewhat disheartening that maps aren't given as assets we can manage ourselves like any other purchased stuff from marketplace, presume that's some kind of legal thing since the module & map is technically WotC's property?
Maps are not just art assets, but include tokens and information for dynamic lighting. As a pro user i find the following way of working very productive: per bought module i create a game with the name 'OOTB <modulename>. When i need something from that module i just transmogrify that in. For each playing game i have a second game 'ZZZ <group name>' as a backup. When a map is done, i  transmogrify if from the playing games into that game and delete it. That keeps the playing games sweet and small.