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Moving & Disappearing Dynamic Lighting Lines

So, I made a bit more than a month ago. It is the map of a multi-decked cruise ship (very cool, using it for a pulp era campaign) that I took a few hours to put in dynamic lighting - two different colored lines, one for the permanent walls and another for doors and windows. Yesterday I went back to the map and the map had moved, though that was easy to deal with, just move it back, but worst is that all of the dynamic lighting except for a very small bit had disappeared. Has that happened to anyone else? If so, do we know why? And will it continue to happen to maps I build but don't go back to very often?

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David M.
API Scripter
Is it possible that the lines got moved to the map layer by mistake, and are behind the actual map? Perform a ToBack to the map to check. If so, you can copy paste the back to DL layer, or can select all of the lines at once and press "l," (that's a lowercase L+comma, not capital I) to move them back to the DL layer, assuming you have advanced keyboard shortcuts enabled.
Thanks for responding. What is a "ToBack"?

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HI Randall, Select the map graphic and right click. The contextual menu that appears has "To Front" and "To Back" commands. These send the selected graphic to the top or bottom of the stacking order.
Ah. OK. Thanks. I'll look into it, but I fear I am just going to have to do it all again.