Skittering Around Here! Snakes, spiders and all manner of skin-crawling creatures, both giant and tiny, are a staple of just about every RPG campaign. Really "wow" your players in your next session with the Creepy Crawly Creatures pack! This pack contains 44 cleanly looping, fully animated 3D tokens inspired by the natural world (mostly) and covers a range of common opponents parties are likely to cross paths with, whether they be spelunking the ruins of an ancient Olman temple, hacking their way through the densest areas of the Neverwinter Wood, or diving into the murkiest depts of The Sea of Fallen Stars. Choose from Bats, Rats, Snakes, Spiders, Slugs, Clams and a bonus: Fire Beetle. Each token has 4 variants for campaign flexibility; Gold, Silver and Bronze bases in addition to a base-less option for near-seamless map immersion.       Intimidating, wouldn't you agree? I hope these bring that extra zing to your party's next encounter. Modeled, textured and animated in Blender. Post processing and compositing in After Effects. Another quality product from Harbinger's Wares!