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Is My Character Gone Forever


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I used to play with these guys in a group right here. I got kicked and now if I tried to access the page, it says "you're not authorized to view it." Ok fine but I had a character with those guys, a chaotic evil half-elf rogue, I used to be able to access her character page through the game page, now I can't find her anymore. I want to copy and paste everything into my PDF, I liked that character and I want to keep using her. Do I have to make a new character now? Or is there some way I can find my old character? 
When you say kicked, I assume it was not on friendly terms?  If the game still exists, and you have contact with the creator of the game, they can invite you back in to pull the info. If that is not possible, then I believe the character is lost and you would have to rebuild it.
Victor B.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Jake is right.  If still have contacts via PM or Discord reach out and see.  I often drag character sheets down into a folder for players who have had to leave for one reason or another.  But if it's been deleted, it's gone.  
All you have to do is contact them and ask, and if they want to they'll let you grab it. If not, unfortunately you're out of luck.
David M.
API Scripter
I know this is not helpful for the current situation, but for future games it is always a good idea to maintain a current copy of your characters in your Character Vault that could be exported to other games at a later date, or in case the sheet gets corrupted in a current game you are playing.