First session tomorrow (Sunday) at 2pm PST.&nbsp; This is an open world custom campaign where you aren't constrained to paths the module had time to write out, and instead can play campaign in unique and unexpected ways. There is no set path that you must follow. Backstory In Northern Town, a new city just formed in the Northernmost reaches of civilization, a war is going on between the orcs and the residents of this city. Requests for new recruits for the army are littered around the streets while mercenaries are making a fortune selling orc ears to the town guard. While enjoying a respite from adventuring you are informed, unofficially she stresses, that there is another danger to the city that needs addressing. The Elven lands to the west has been standing neutral in our conflict and elven guards have been heavily patrolling their borders for hundreds of years. New reports have indicated their complete and utter disappearance. No sign of conflict and highly unlikely the orcs would be capable of accomplishing this. Whatever did this could come after us next and turn out to be an even bigger threat then the orcs. It is hinted that there would be a large reward for investigating this, but you should know that we are not supposed to cross that border for any reason. It was made very clear that anyone crossing that border would be shot on sight. The city cannot risk a war with the Elves so they would not intervene on your behalf and would deny any involvement with you. Can you investigate this without being caught? Or instead you could focus on the immediate problem of the invading orcs. *Note from DM:*My games are always open world and open paths. Sometimes your choices will be limited, but never forced. You choose your own path and I will adjust to your choices no matter how unexpected they are. That being said, warning me in advance for crazy shenanigans will help me prepare and speed things up. Joining Each session is $10 payable before the game starts. Drops in are allowed. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>