There are three instances where the stat block entries for every PB level of Homunculus Servant in the compendium are off by 1 but only from the Eberron Rising from the Last War versions. The Tasha's Cauldron versions are correct. Saving Throws: Dex: Is derived from '+2 plus PB', so a PB 2 Homunculus Servant should list +4 for it's Dex save. Lists  +5 instead, same for every PB level, it's treated as being 'Saving Throws: Dex +3 plus PB'. Stealth, Same as above should be getting calculated from  '+2 plus PB', it showing as '+3 plus PB' for every PB so a PB2 has 5 Stealth instead of 4. Actions: Force Strike damage is supposed to be 1d4+PB, it's being listed as if it's 1d4+1+PB, so a PB4 Homunculus Servant is show 1d4+5 instead of 1d4+4. The Tasha's Cauldron version of these have the correct numbers for their stat blocks.