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Critical Success Multiplier

Hey, I'm using the heroes unlimited character sheet, and i'm trying to get the damage output to allow the use of double dmg on the multiplier of critical. [[@{character_level}d4]]+2d4
For instance when it show's a critical, it makes a green box around the number. Can this then multiply the damage by 2 if it critical, and or accommodate for others that have critical at 18
What would the code be if I wanted the damage that is rolled when an attack is made to be doubled if the attack is equal to or greater a number of a line on the character sheet? Using Palladium Heroes Unlimited Character sheet and the Attribute in question is @{hth1_critical}
I'm not familiar with the rules, dice rolls or the Attributes on the sheet, but here's an example using a 1d20 roll for the attack: &{template:default} [[[[{ceil([[1d20]]/@{selected|hth1_critical}),2}kl1]]*(?{Level|4}d4+2d4)]] {{name=Attack}} {{Attack Roll=$[[0]]}} {{Damage=$[[2]]}} So you'd need to replace the [[1d20]] bit with your attack roll, and possibly adapt it for one of the roll templates available in that character sheet.