Introduction From the sprawling cities of Tergor, to the burning factories dotting Qhan, all the way across the Silver Sea to the porous mountains in the Commonwealth of Turak, the Taleweaver journey brings to life 5e in a way that very few storytellers can achieve. The Taleweaver Chronicles is a homebrew world that focuses on depth and immersion of characters with a balance of original lore, intrigue, combat and magic. A true definition of 5e; limitless, dangerous and open-ended. Your quests are decided by you, your encounters are by you and your fate and the fate of the world is in your hands. Every little detail; weather, history, NPCs, streets, cities, villages, landscapes, dungeons and tombs have all been painstakingly painted out for the brave adventure to traverse and interact with. The Taleweaver stories bring reality to 5e, with actions causing far-reaching consequences in these tumultuous times of the world. The on-going campaigns are open-world by standard, with nothing but your conscience and your party members as a guide. The setting of this world is&nbsp; medieval fantasy on a global scale . There are several states all inhabiting a variety of races and there are several religions. The rate of development for each state and continent vary largely. When you start, you may discover (with proper inquiry) that there are several political tumultuous things brewing and the first quest introduced to you may place you in a position to discover more if you wish. The way you play is decided by the party. If you choose to be politicians or their agents, sign up in the army, dungeon-crawl, or even take over the world. It is all your call. The world is so large I am currently building a wiki so you can look up and add whatever you want as the campaigns continue and the world grows. &nbsp; Campaign Hook It’s the 53rd year of the 7th Century of Mokra and there are tensions between the Wolrontian Empire and the Kingdom of Tergor. The Thieves Guild has robbed Kelled II and Kelled has concluded that the king of Tergor is somehow behind it. Meanwhile, in the south, the orcs of Qhan have entered into almost open war for dominance of the trade routes on the Silver Sea against the dwarves of the Commonwealth of Turak. The orcs are also trying to rid themselves of the monopoly of the dwarven Trade Guild and Merchant Banks and have launched their own banking operations. However, in these volatile times, business booms. The machinery of war needs to be oiled by trade, and many undiscovered lands await untapped potential. You and your crew are a band of experienced mercenaries who have gotten their first job to escort a trade caravan carrying some mysterious goods across the border between the dark elf state of Wolrontia to the town of Tarundem in Qortac. The border lies between a hot desert of sand rumoured to be haunted by old evils. Your group has finally been gathered at a local inn in preparation to meet your employer. What happens next? You decide. &nbsp; Combat It gets really boring quick to just fight and long-rest with no true weight or meaningful story to guide the actions of the party. This is why&nbsp; I have added to the game combat a unique fighting and damage system utilising an extra stat called the MDT it is a threshold (70% of your health plus your constitution mod) that determines whether taken damage can cause a permanent injury. &nbsp;This strengthens the need to be creative and careful in approaching encounters and strengthens the need to roleplay. And for those people who do not believe in meaningless slaughter, I reward XP points equivalently for avoiding combat and still achieving your goal. &nbsp; About Text-Based Games I am a DM that specialises in text-based games. I make text-based games, not just for the purity of the power of your mind, and the literature, but for those who do not have the capacity to speak, or even if they can, find themselves mic-shy, or have oral language issues, or in most cases, feel overshadowed by other players. Now, because of the popular trend, a lot of players feel like if they're not good at voice, they're not good at D&amp;D. However, there are some players who do not believe so, and take their time to find text-based game they can join. But they are a small niche. If you have never tried a text game you should give it a go especially if you feel bullied by voice games. I guarantee to give your money back if you do not enjoy it. As well, if you're not such a huge fan of theatre of the mind, do not worry my text-based games don't use just text, I use&nbsp; maps on Roll20 for battles and mazes and I use music and sound effects to heighten the atmosphere. &nbsp; Cost? It costs $15/$25 a month on a subscription system on Patreon (this also includes weekly one-shots, dungeon crawls and arena fights). The campaigns are designed to last as long as possible &nbsp;and the first set of players have already grown into a friendship that may just last a lifetime (and they all met each other in-game!). &nbsp; About Me I'm a Dungeon Master with more than 15 years of experience (a veteran). I studied literature and philosophy at University and right now I am at law school. In my spare time, I write fantasy and fictional works. As a DM, I do not see myself as a 'god of the realm' but as a medium, say, a window between your world and the world I've created. This gives me a sense of impartiality and gives all the games I run a very realistic edge. While I'd prefer not to charge for games and I really do love making the world come to life, the reality remains that the time and effort I put into making a session worth it requires some kind of compensation. Creating a world of this magnitude demands extra motivation to make the time spent worth it. And I do not charge insane amounts for a session. I would rather consistency instead of money. If you think paying for the game would change the way I DM, so I can retain my source of income.&nbsp; Chuckle , I generally advise my players to have 2 back up characters. &nbsp; Time: 7PM GMT+1 (4-5hrs) I am looking for one or two players for a&nbsp; Saturday &nbsp;campaign. Payment before the session (refund if you do not like the game). Payment includes one-shots, dungeon-crawls, arena fights (PvP &amp; PvE) Be respectful and polite to other players OOC. &nbsp; This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $15 or $25 (depending on generosity) every month to the game master. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. Game Link:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>