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Is roll20 down? None of my games are loading.

Tried logging into my campaign to work on it, and its just stuck on the loading screen. Tried another campaign, same thing.  Tried someone else's campaign, stuck on loading.
Same, it's been a couple days since I cannot access  games (was able to correctly get in the game once but that's it). And when I actually go further than this blackscreen, the scrolling bar is in the middle of the page, I can't see the last new messages in the chatbox (it's hidden underneath the message input box in the chat) and cannot work on my character (our GM bought you a pathfinder campaign and that would be veery problematic if he bought it and we can't even play)
Which browser are you using? Are you using vpn connection such as nord? I would suggest attempting basic browser troubleshooting...IE open it up in incognito or inprivate browsing. Clear your cookies and cache.  
1. Chrome. 2. Just cleared everything, rebooted, updated, cleared cookies and cache, and now its working. Odd considering I didnt turn off my computer since yesterday and had it up all day long, including dming and planning. Thanks for the tips
Thank you for posting this, my issue had identical symptoms, but I believed it to be because of a campaign I had deleted. by following Mark's advice I was able to confirm things worked in incognito, and thus I'm hoping that means a total cache clear will help.